Another sad story

I don’t know what difference it would make being home right now. This is now the fourth time this has happened since moving here, although this is more removed and closer in some ways. A friend of mine from summer camp, who I very briefly dated passed away. I don’t know how or when. Facebook gives these updates and his obituary was posted on a mutual friend’s page. We lost contact with each other a long time ago, but it’s still weird to be so far away and not have a person to reach out to who knew him or anything. Manoj isn’t around so I can’t really reach out to my roommate either. I guess it’s kind of morbid to think about, but god forbid anything happen to any of my friends here either, and if I was back in the US, I’d have the same feeling. It’s this feeling of uselessness or empty sadness because you’re so far removed there’s nothing you can do, there’s no hand to reach out for, there’s just the feeling. Technically there’s nothing you could do anyway, but there’s a sense of comfort being around people of context. I don’t like it, it’s sad and makes me feel, well, just sad.

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