Nairobi – Kenya part 1

Nairobi is a vibrant city. It’s been a crazy two days since arriving. Yesterday we were caught up with everything work, today with everything play. There is something very special about the work we do here. I’m very happy to be a part of it.
There are certain parts that remind me of Brazil, certain parts of India. They have chapati here but it’s not used in the way we use them in India, It’s more of a bread. They also cut it up into four pieces and leave it on a plate. Last night we had some amazing tilapia at dinner with work. Tonight we were invited to our friend’s house and ate with him and his wife. It was so lovely. There is something very special about going to someone’s home and sharing a home cooked meal with them. It brings people together, it fortifies friendships and ties. We even played some rummy with his new deck of cards.
Today we went to the elephant and giraffe sanctuary. I have issues with zoos but this is much different. They rescue baby elephants, nurse them, and then slowly reintegrate them back into a herd as they get older. It can take up to 10 years to integrate them back into the wild.

I’m trying to pick up some Swahili but it’s slow to come. Hakara hakara haina baraka, pole pole ndio mwendo. Speed, speed no blossom, slow slow is the way to go.

There’s not much to write, but I’m sure within the next week and a half that I’m here, there will be plenty to say.

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