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Here is a post I’ve been working on for some time, and I haven’t put it up because there’s always little bits and pieces to add…I’ll start with a new post tomorrow. There are a plethora of exciting updates.

I went to a center this morning. When I left, the starter of my bike had been cut. When we asked the guys who hang out outside of the center what happened they said that a few kids were playing with my bike. They didn’t say anything?! Crazy. The weird thing is (if that’s not weird enough) that I went to get it fixed from the roadside mechanic (who is probably about 15 years old) and it cost me Rs10 to fix. I was going to be all upset about it but how can you be when it costs only Rs10 to fix. I am upset about the principle of it, but I can’t say the cost is anything to be upset about.

I got a random phone call today from a girl who I don’t think I’ve ever been formally introduced to. For Children’s Day, a dance company, whose members I am friends with, did many dance workshops at the centers I work with. They’ve done other workshops earlier, but this was a huge job for them. They did it out of the kindness of their hearts, didn’t ask for anything in return and did a great job at each of the four centers they taught at. I had fun with the ones at the center I was at as well. One of their members works for an organization that needed to speak with people in Latin America to find out information about a product. Word of mouth had it that I spoke Spanish and they wanted me to make the calls. It’s 2am and I just finished speaking with Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Bolivia. First, it made me miss Latin American so much. People there are just really nice and cordial, besides the one many who just hung up on me. One woman even said that we should send for her here because she wants to come to India. We had a nice conversation. Second, I’m impressed with myself because my Spanish sucks and I was at least able to introduce myself (to those that picked up) and explain what I was trying to do. Third, I didn’t really get that much information out of anyone, but I thought the experience was absolutely amazing, except for the fact that I’m exhausted and have to wake up very early tomorrow morning to go to a meeting in Bombay. I can’t believe they couldn’t find anyone else who might speak Spanish to do this for them.

I’ve been up and exhausted, but hopefully it’s paid off.

We had to go to a meeting in Mumbai yesterday. It’s a long way to travel. I’m not sure if other NGOs in the USA would have people travel back and forth to Boston in a day, but hey, it’s India. The meeting was good, but long. Getting back and trying to have a life is difficult.

I didn’t realize until today that next week is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; it’s like Christmas without the pressure of presents. I’m planning on doing a faux Thanksgiving dinner at my friend’s house with some of my close friends.

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