pre moving nostalgia

I just started packing up all my stuff. I don’t feel like I’ve bought much in the past year, but I guess things do accumulate over time. Things definitely don’t fit into the two suitcases that I brought here. I’m taking a break to write. This week I’m sick for the second time since coming to India; of course I get a cold and not any of the normal “India” sicknesses. It sucks to sneeze a bazillion times a day, but it’s definitely more manageable than puking or having a severe stomach.
This week has been especially busy at work for no apparent reason. I’ve been enjoying coming home after work though. I’ll look forward to coming home even more in two weeks. Side note – for that sentence I wanted to say next to next week as opposed to next week. I keep adopting different Indian colloquialisms. Besides the head shake (which I have pretty badly) I also say things like isaiee, meaning just like that only; it’s like saying just because. You can say that with a little head wobble too. I’ll also say ha (yes in Hindi) to say yes, even when I’m speaking English or Portuguese.
This time in 2 months I’ll be starting to think about coming home. FYI, if anyone really wants something from India, let me know starting now so I have time and money to figure out how to get it to you back at home. I won’t be taking too much stuff, but little knick-knacks are completely portable. It’s funny. I’m having the same kind of thoughts and feelings about coming home as I had about coming here. I’ll miss my friends, am waiting for a culture shock, and yes, I’m definitely scared about the cold weather. It’s been two years since I’ve been in temperatures below 50 degrees. I won’t see cows in the street; I’ll have to stop shaking my head, I won’t look different than everyone around me; I won’t have to ask if the food is spicy; I won’t get asked if my food is sweet and not have people eat it because they only eat spicy food. I’m laughing at myself just thinking about those things. I still have a while to go though, so no need to get nostalgic about it yet.
Tomorrow I’m going on a class trip; yes on a Saturday, to the Panshet Dam. I’m excited to go on another outing with another one of my centers. This center is just girls; many of them are quite characters. It’s one thing to have a funny personality in your language, but they also have it in English which I think is awesome. Again, I have a favorite, or in this case, a favorite has me. Sometimes, I’m sure I’ve said this before, but kids just mesh well with certain adults. In this girl’s case, Priya, she didn’t even talk to me last year. I made an effort to get to know some of her friends and her because they were particularly standoffish. It worked with her and a few of her friends, but not all. Yesterday she had a hard time letting me go and made me promise I would come on the trip. She tells me about school. It’s nice too because I get to correct her English while she talks. Wouldn’t it be nice if this happened between ever teacher and student so it wouldn’t be such a struggle all the time to get kids to try to learn? Many of them just flat out don’t want to learn English, they don’t want to learn, and some of their parents don’t care, or take them out of school.
We’ve adopted some capoeira kids. Last week while playing in the park, some kids wandered up to us to watch. They’re from the slums on the other side of Koregon Park. They’re great. They sit in class quietly. I can’t have a separate kids class, so they take the adult class, do what they can, and sit down or relax when they can’t. The boy who used to watch us in the park is the little brother of one of the boys who comes. Those kids are great. We’re having another roda on Sunday so maybe I’ll be able to get more pictures of the group and of the kids. People have elected themselves designated movers for us next weekend. We’ll see how the packing and stuff goes. I had to tell my landlady’s maid about moving today. It was the first really nice conversation we’ve had. I’ll miss home. Ok again, enough pre moving nostalgia.

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