Pushy Trains

Before I forget, I must mention about my violent train ride in Mumbai. That’s right, I finally experienced some of the real pushy, aggressive, and kind of mean people on Mumbai trains. It’s not a very long story, but it’s a good one. I was on my way back from Andheri to Dadar. I had to catch my bus back home on Monday afternoon. After I bid my friend goodbye, I took my normal rickshaw ride to the train station. Beware, (this has happened to me several times before but I always forget to mention it) rickshaw drivers will not take “old” bills. I tried my best to convince him the bill was ok, but it didn’t work. After I gave him a newer bill I ran to get a new ticket book. The best thing about getting ticket booklets is that you can cut the long line. It’s a good thing too, because I was getting quite late.
Once I ran to the platform, I made my call to my friend Priyankka as I walked to the women’s car waiting area. Something told me that I should get off the phone as the train approached. The platform was really crowded. It’s a good thing I listened to my instincts. The women gathered, or clumped, around the train doors. This means that there wasn’t really much room for women to get out. Of course because I’m a foreigner and not exactly used to that much pushing (still) I tried to move out of the way to let people off. I ended up making everyone mad: the people getting on the train pushed me and I ended up getting into the perfect position to block the last person to get off the train. She was upset and started flailing her arms and made a really mean face. Getting on and off the train only requires you moving with the flow. You can’t fight the crowd.
When I got on the train and placed myself in a good position for getting off the train I realized that my arm was all scratched and cut up. I wasn’t dripping blood or anything, but there was definitely marks made. They’ve now scabbed over. I think of them as battle wounds.

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