mid-week updates

I ditched the gym tonight to get a good night rest. But like all other nights I found some way to occupy my time. In my defense, I didn’t get home until late because I went to Laxmi road for the first time with two friends from work. Laxmi road, in the old part of Pune, is the place to do all your shopping. It’s a pretty amazing section of Pune, unlike most other neighborhoods. Most of the buildings look more “western.” I’m not sure how to describe it, and of course I didn’t have my camera today, so you’ll just have to wait for some of my pictures. I’m stealing this picture from google to give you an idea. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/139/370684597_b67c176f2a.jpg.

Gold is an investment. So what young people do is buy gold. Both friends bought a gold ring, that they may never wear, but it is an adult move. It got me thinking that I should buy gold as well. Many people have told me that this is the new way to invest because the price of gold keeps increasing. It makes perfect sense.

Sampada and I have decided not to move yet. Both places are almost perfect, but not quite perfect yet. One place, the perfect price place, would require me to be in a separate entrance on the other side of the stairs, meaning if I wanted to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, I would have to leave my “apartment” and wake them up, and then go. It’s also very close to a “grounds” which means that any time anyone uses the grounds for a political rally, holiday, or party, we wouldn’t be able to hear ourselves think. The perfect apartment is just too expensive. We’ll have to wait. I don’t mind for right now. Sometimes it’s really nice to live here. My landlady made sure that I came by last night after I went to the gym. Yes, I went to the gym! She saved me food and said that I’m good company. She sprained her ankle last week and was applying a warm towel to it. It’s nice to have someone looking out for you a bit. They said by now I’m a family friend. It’s nice of them. I get free internet, sometimes free food. Sometimes the food is forced; sometimes when I say that I already ate or I’m not hungry, she ignores me and makes me eat anyway, it’s no wonder I’m not loosing any weight.

I would like to give myself a little pat on the back for two reasons. First, I’ve been doing a better job keeping up with the news. Almost every night I watch Anderson Cooper 360, a free podcast. When I get the download, I watch “Meet the Press.” I feel much better knowing what’s going on in the US and world. The second reason is that I’ve been keeping up on my “New Years Resolution,” which means studying Hindi. In the morning, if the bus isn’t too crowded I study on the bus, if not I just study during the wait for the bus and on my walk from the bus to the office. If I have a longer rickshaw ride, I also take out my book. I’m able to form simple sentences, very simple, but sentences nonetheless.

We don’t have a copy machine at the office. In New York, I put a sign up on our copy machine and printer to use both sides of the paper and not to print unless necessary. People wasted so much paper. I was a big advocate for decreasing our usage, finding some way to limit everyone’s printing powers. Here, we have a great system. All paper is put underneath the printer, and if anyone has to print, they use the backs, we use scraps for note taking, for other educational purposes; I love it. The problem comes when we have to make copies for trainings (like today) or for any lessons. We have to go down the road to the little shop that has a copy machine to make copies. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that I think I can work the machine better then the guy from the shop; not to say he does a bad job, but it’s slow and, well, just not efficient. I made a couple double-sided copies today and it took over a half hour. It was rough for me to watch and wait.

On the personal note I’ve self diagnosed myself with a parasite; not uncommon, and should go away within a week or so. It’s not awful, just makes my stomach pain here and there. I’m all for letting things pass, hoping that whatever doesn’t kill me will make me stronger. If it doesn’t go by tomorrow, I might hop to the doctor on Friday morning though. It’s not unbearable, just uncomfortable sometimes. …I also just looked up some stuff on it, so I’m thinking of going to the dr. tomorrow. I try to be strong, but I guess sometimes I should suck it up and take some medicine.

Ok, that’s a nice midweek update. This weekend I’ll head to Mumbai again. I got some lovely messages from friends saying they missed me, wondering where I was last weekend. I got to speak with very important people this week too; twice to my sister (2x is an extra bonus), Erin, and I was finally able to skype with Julia and see her newborn baby, Cienna, who is absolutely beautiful.

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