The Sickness #1

I finally came down with the sickness. Actually I don’t think it was from any bad water or typical sickness that foreigners get from living in India, I just had food poisoning. Just. It was not fun. This is the first time in my life that I had food poisoning. I had a dosa on Monday at our school visit (which was pretty awesome by the way), and now I can’t even smell the dosa. My friend from work got the same the next day. I’ll spare the gross details but the grossness was almost just as bad as not sleeping the entire night. I managed to get to work for a half day before my boss decided to send me home. It was not a fun experience at all! It was nice to hear the phone ringing and various people from the office calling to make sure I was ok.
Back to work, the school visits. I’m not trying to do any promos for Akanksha, but the schools were awesome! First I went to the little kids school; there is pre-kindergarten and kindergarten there. First of all, the kids were too cute. Second, the teaching was great. It was a mix between Marathi and English, the first steps at immersing them into English. The second school was not any less impressive. I observed much older classes, all but a couple conducted in English. The teachers were great, the lessons were great, and the kids were great. I don’t do anything with the schools, but it’s nice to know that we’re a part of the same organization. I think they’re pretty amazing.
Ok, enough non-marketing, marketing for Akanksha. Fun things today include not throwing up and getting on my first motorcycle. I made it to first gear in the parking lot. I feel great! Getting there wasn’t as difficult as getting there in a manual car (from what I remember I never made it past second gear, although I didn’t try too many times). It was pretty awesome. This Sunday after sports day with the kids, I’ve been promised another lesson. It’s been too long that I’ve had my permit and I have not been on a bike. Again, I feel like there’s much more. But being sick takes up much more time than you think. It put me out for 2 days.
I’m also a bit frustrated with the kids and their parents on my block. They knocked on my door to have class on Tuesday. They were supposed to have class on Monday but no one wanted to do it, so fine. I was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tonight I came running out of my house to give my class at the gym (which went great and I’ll give more details in a minute) and my neighbor and her daughter saw me and yelled, “class.” I said next week because it’s Thursday and she said, but the kids are waiting. Waiting? They should have taken it on Monday. I then said that I was sick this week. There was no, are you feeling better, or oh sorry, nothing. They she said that the kids were expecting class. I said never on Thursday because of the gym. She look frustrated as I walked away and said next week. I thought it was rude. The kids down the block did something similar. I expect something like that from kids, but not from parents. I haven’t charged them anything yet, and have given several classes, and then when I gave them my prices, which were fairly reasonable, I let them negotiate me down to almost robbery. I’m just voicing my frustrations here. Sorry for the rant. I don’t want to give any classes anymore.
To end on a good note, there is an older woman who came back to my capoeira class tonight and brought her daughter with her. She’s a lovely woman, a writer, and took my number when she realized I lived in the neighborhood. It was really sweet.

On the last note, my best friend, my longest friend, Julia just had a baby girl. She’s the sweetest looking baby I’ve ever seen. I swear I’m not biased. This is one of the hardest parts about being away. I can’t visit, call, do the things that the best friend is supposed to do. I’m so happy but a little sad at the same time. This time next month I’ll be feeling the same way about another friend. The prices we pay for moving away.
Lastly, my friend Martina writes an amazing blog; we shared websites and I thought hers was amazing. We share many of the same philosophies, she writes more of a philosophical blog, while mine is more narrative. I would like to, when I have enough time to sit and really give things more thought, put in some more general philosophies about development and other larger topics.
Ok enough babbling for this evening. Goodnight to all.

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