Happy Thanksgiving

Other, not offensive, animals I find in my house: tiny frogs (only by the door), and little lizards (like the ones that live in Florida). I must say that my sleep last night was a little better with a real pillow.

Tonight I went exploring for a gym. Although I’ll have capoeira (hopefully twice a week at least), I would love to be able to do some other cross training. It would also be nice for days like these when I actually get home from work before 7 and I really have nothing else to do. So I ventured around the corner to the Gold’s Gym (Yes, the same franchise as in the States) and Life Studio. They’re right next to each other. Both are reeeeaaally nice gyms. Gyms here include a spa, personal training, multiple classes to choose from. Both are around $350 for the entire year. Not bad? I also inquired about possibly teaching a class. I’ll visit both again tomorrow. This is me nesting slowly.

Today I also got to visit 2 centers. Each community comes with different types of kids. Both centers I went to today were all girls, one serves a much younger bunch of kids. The second is one of my favorite centers because of the group of older girls who are quite funny. I sat in on their class today and they were sarcastic (in a funny way) and joked around with each other, in English, very well. These girls all live in (with a few exceptions) a home for girls. They’ve been there, for some, up to 10 years. Most of them still have families, but they were removed because of varying situations. One teacher approached me about my blog. I got very worried that she was going to say something bad at first, that I got too personal, but she said the opposite. I’m using my gmail account for work still, so she saw it on my gchat section and read it. She appreaciated my honesty, so, I figure that I’ll keep being honest. I admitted that I’ve held back in certain instances based on who I know reads, and who I don’t know reads my words, thoughts, memories, life. However, I’m now encouraged, so I will be as honest as I can.

I must say I’m a little bummed about missing Turkey Day, even though I don’t eat turkey. It’s the best holiday in my opinion. My parents wrote that none of the children are going to be there this year. That made me a little sad. There aren’t any stoves (that I know of, and I definitely don’t have one – – side note (honestly not sure if I wrote this already), but I don’t have gas or a fridge.

My landlady just walked in, asked if I had eaten, told me to turn the lights off in the kitchen, and told me my gas is here. Both her and I don’t know how to install it though – you have to hook it up to the burner somehow. She laughed when she said both same, meaning we both don’t know.

So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Eat some squash and yams for me! If anyone has any recipes for a 1 burner stove top please feel free to pass them along. I will have gas by tomorrow and a fridge by the end of the weekend. Spend time with family and friends.

If it were my turn to say grace at Thanksgiving dinner I would say that I am thankful for my family and friends who have been so supportive this past year. I’m thankful for kind and encouraging words, for love, for life, for opportunity, smiles, and good thoughts. Thanks everyone ☺

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