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I’m Pink

I’m pink, literally. Yesterday was Holi. For a foreigner, yesterday was a day off in order to have a colorful water fight. It was awesome. I got to sleep in, did a laundry, and was shocked and rushed by a phone call at 11:00 on the dot by Ishwar who said, “Didi, kub ayenge?” We were late by 15 minutes and he wanted us there fast; the kids were waiting. It was the first time they have ever called. Manoj looked at me as if I was kidding, speaking on the phone in Hindi to our group of kids. We picked up 7 (one more, Vital, came along) and headed to Sagar’s for the festivities. Sagar was already rainbow colored; he soon would also be muddy and egged, as would I.
We played at Sagar’s for about 2 hours, running around, throwing color, playing with the pinchgani (that’s definitely wrong, but essentially it’s a type of water gun), throwing each other in the mud, getting egg smashed on our heads, and laughing at everyone. We dropped the kids (the car now absolutely filthy and pinky) and went to another party that our friend got us passes to because it was his birthday. I couldn’t get enough of saying we’re going to a Holi birthday party. There was a setup so that it was “raining” outside, there were sprinklers above our heads, music blasting, and colors everywhere. I kind of cringe when I think about the water wasted and the pollution caused by this holiday. There are other holidays that make me cringe even more though.
Fully played out, we ventured to get burgers (Indian style, no beef) at a place by our place. We were all a few shades pinker, purpler, and darker. Manoj and I are the only people with color still on us. Why, because apparently you’re supposed to put cocoanut oil on your body before playing Holi. I’m pink. I showered three times and I’m still very pink.
I’m preparing for the marathon, being pink and all. Wish me luck.

This is Ishwar and Ganesh.