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A difference still…

It’s hard to say that things haven’t been busy or that it’s just been business as usual. I think now is about the time when I can say that I’ve settled down (not permanently – but in perspective) in India. Every day life has become every day life…almost.
I was looking through my facebook wall and found a marriage video, as in someone posted someone else’s “this is who I am and if you’re interested in me, reply” video. I’m not sure why he posted it, but it may be for a friend of his. Either way, it was a reminder that I’m not in New York. It was a sweet video of a guy looking for a simple girl. Like many youtube videos, you’re interested in watching what pops up next. The next one was a very “I know what I want girl” who said unless the guy was rich and graduated from a good university, they shouldn’t bother on responding. The disparity between the two was amazing. The next video had two parents with a photo of their son; the mother is in Namaste position with her hands for the first few seconds. They’re liberal, don’t care about subcaste (whoever said the caste system was dead here? They’re liberal, but they still have to mention it!) and their son is fair (skin tone is still important though), pursuing a PhD, pursuing dual citizenship, and prefers to hold someone’s hand. I was smiling at the last point, but then she should be well qualified (I’m assuming well educated) but then must know how to cook, manage to sit at home and manage the household items. They don’t appreciate if the girl sends black and white pictures, only color.
It’s a complete different way of doing things. It also makes me realize that they way I live here, the way I interact with my friends, and probably the way my friends live here, is not the India the people in these videos live in. Even though there’s diversity amongst my friends, which we’ve been talking a lot about lately, the diversity doesn’t reach this far.