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American from India back in America

Things that I’m having fun with since being back: I smiled and giggled to myself while crossing the street because the cars stopped at the red light while they’re supposed to; people here are big (both height and breadth); the air is crisp; there’s a lot of space everywhere; nothing is colorful (as in clothes or accessories); I keep smiling at Indian people – like the two South Indian men who ended up sitting next to me when I was on the way to meet my sister from the airport; I’m walking a lot; I can drink water straight out of the tap; cars are huge; a lot of people smoke cigarettes; there are non Indians everywhere (in India when that happens I feel weird and out of place and get a little anxiety); I thought I lost my Indianisms like last time, but this morning I wobbled my head unconsciously; I want to use Indian words (don’t ask why but I wanted to say chuddies); I wish I had more Indianisms to say but somehow they disappear when I’m not around Indians (I wonder what will happen with my friend Simmi tomorrow – will let you know!); when I go to the bathroom I have the inclination to throw the toilet paper in a dustbin (Indianism word instead of garbage) instead of the toilet bowl; light switches are opposite here (really confusing!); I don’t feel the urge to wash my hands every two seconds and when I do there’s not a layer of dust/dirt that comes off them; I have a desire to eat with my hands (I had a rise dish for dinner and all I wanted to do was dive in with my fingers); I keep trying to walk on the left side of the street; I keep saying the phrase, “In India…”