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Getting back in the groove of Pune

It’s almost been a week since my return home; this home, not that home. Things have fallen back into place. Again, it’s like an old glove fitting, although this one isn’t as old as the other home glove. My friends and colleagues greeted me with open arms, with hugs, and huge smiles. A friend of my roommate from Switzerland is visiting. It’s been great to have him around. We picked up and dropped off our dog. We can’t handle her and realize it, or at least I’ve finally come around to realizing it. Manoj had been saying it for a while. When I walked into my house, which was relatively clean when I came back, and then we spent another day cleaning it; when I sat down to have my breakfast without a dog nagging me and biting me every two seconds; when we realized we could leave our computers out without fear of our chords being bitten; when we realized that we could travel, even for a weekend, without making arrangements; when I could come home and not feel bad for not being home to spend time with my dog; it was just time. On our way back from picking her up, a friend of Manoj’s called who just happens to have two other dogs and whose roommate also wanted to add a third to their house. We just dropped her off in the same ride we picked her up. It was actually pretty amazing.
My parents booked their flights here! I’m so nervous for them to come. They’re troopers but I’m not sure they’re completely sure what they’re getting into. They’ll be here in end of May/beginning of April. They’ll spend some time in Delhi, do the Delhi thing and the Taj Mahal, and I’ll fly up to join them to go to Nepal. I’m excited about Nepal.

Side note, I’m on line with a friend of mine in New York right now; we’re talking about the weather. There are two degrees (centigrade) differences between the temperatures right now. It’s crazy. It’s too warm there and too cold here.

Speaking of weather. It will be as hot as 40 centigrade (104 Fahrenheit) when my parents get to Delhi. They’ll be fine, I have no doubt; it’ll be an adventure for them. They’ll come back to Pune with me for a couple days and I’ll see them off to Mumbai. Apparently their friends have been wondering why they haven’t visited their daughter yet in India. I wasn’t expecting a visit realistically, just because of the differences in culture, pollution, and traveling difficulties. A parent visit is always welcome.
I’m getting the India stomach issue after coming back. It’s still here. I gave up trying to be a super hero yesterday and took the same antibiotic I took while in New York. The magic doesn’t work here. I’m hoping after day three it will though. If not, I will finally be able to say that I got the sickness in India.