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The rain cometh

The rain has come and so has yoga. Mangoes are slowly going to disappear from our diets. Although they’re all very different things, they’re all very present right now. My yoga class is from 6-7am, which means I have to get up by 5:15 and I reach the office by 7:15. It’s an interesting schedule change to say the least. I go twice a week. I’m the only foreigner in the classes. It’s actually kind of funny. The class right after us is filled with foreigners; it’s the intermediate class. I’m really excited to be there. Although we haven’t done much in the first week, it’s still pretty awesome saying that I study Iyengar Yoga.
It started raining two days ago. I’m not ready. My parents brought an extra large rain jacket that’s really nice, but I just can’t seem to want to put it on. I carry it with me but want the sun to come out. They’ve predicted that the rainy season this year will consist of all day rainy days. Last year it was nice-ish, and sunny for some time in the morning and then the rains came down heavy in the afternoon and/or evening; this year, not so much. They’ve predicted that it’s just going to be wet and grey the entire season. People talk about how nice it is; I like the sun. however, the upside is that I can sleep comfortably and I actually need a little tiny light blanket when I sleep at night; that’s so comforting, that unless you’ve gone through heat like this; every day 100 degrees with bright sun, living on the top floor of a building that absorbs the heat. Yes, there are a few advantages of the rainy season.
Capoeira has grown. It’s been amazing and overwhelming at the same time. I’m not a teacher; I’m a sharer. People keep coming. It’s great, it’s a bit stressful, but it’s great. This weekend there’s a big dance conference, more for salsa and Latin dances, but they invited me to do a guest workshop. It’s amazing and a great opportunity. It’s great to be able to share something that’s been such a huge part of my life. There are the groups in Mumbai and Pondicherry; some other American has started sharing in Banglore and there’s us. It’s pretty cool.
Last night a group of us went out to enjoy some of the last of the mango season. At Naturals (the best ice cream in India in my opinion because it uses fresh fruit and offers flavors based on what fruit is available) they give one scoop of mango ice cream, many, many, many mango pieces, and then a scoop of malai ice cream on top of that. I can’t describe malai ice cream in English. It’s like vanilla and sweet cream mixed. It’s so delicious.