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Never Ending Fever

All sicknesses must come to an end. Mine is beginning that path. After almost 3 days of not leaving my house and being told to wear sweaters and not to get up and to sleep and rest, etc, I finally admitted that I could use to go to see a doctor (meaning, my friends made me go see a doctor). We went to a nearby hospital. After waiting for about an hour to see the one doctor who takes out patients – waiting in between so many medical reps interrupting the patient flow – I finally went in. Gayatri came in with me – I’m bundled up and she’s in a t-shirt – the doctor asked who was the patient. Explaining that I have had a fever over 100 the past three days and body aches. He takes my blood pressure, checks my breathing, asks a few questions and said it’s a viral infection. He made me get checked for dengue and malaria, which he was sure I didn’t have, wrote me a prescription for three medicines and sent me out. The blood test was downstairs in an open room. I can’t remember the last time I got a blood test but I feel like it was slightly different. This one they had a syringe that pulled the blood out instead of a tube that sucked it out. Sorry if that got a little too graphic for anyone.
Now it’s Monday. My fever and I have been getting along too well apparently. Working from home today, I sat on my butt all day, in front of the computer, emailing, doing my work, as I do, and feeling really sleepy all the time. There is no possible way I could be tired because all I did was sleep all weekend. Unfortunately, tired I was, and sleep, I did. At some point I woke up cold and feeling that familiar. I had a fever again, stayed home from capoeira class. My friends brought me ginger and company for a while and they went for class. This isn’t fair!
Fever dreams are fun – maybe not at the time, but usually in hindsight, it’s fun to tell them. Mine was that I had to deliver a letter to everyone in the world. It was a very stressful situation. Manoj interpreted it as I was trying to be Santa Clause, and that’s cool.
I went to work today and that was not fun. It involved a lot of running around. I did see some good teaching, and got to meet some of my favorite kids. The second day of the After School Arts program happened. It won’t happen again until after the new year because they’re having a huge even on Thursday. It’ll be nice to have a break and a day off from craziness. When I was at the school today some familiar faces said hello, which made me feel really happy. After getting home I could feel the fever settling back in. It loves me a lot and does not want to go away. So I’ll be resting again. I called the doctor. He said that the fever will stay for another few days. Great help he is! So, I’ll be with my fever. I feel fine, until I get hot and tired.