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After School Arts!

Yesterday was the inauguration of my work brainchild! After School Arts went off with a bang! It was beyond exciting for me. We started with the morning session of photography and chess at 7am. I arrived at the school at 6:30, only to find that there were children waiting there already. They were excited; this made me more excited. The gates to the school were closed until almost 7am, but as soon as they were opened, the kids ran in and got to work right away. The chess teacher (and it’s ok now) didn’t show. Some of the kids had their own chess sets that they brought from home. Most of the kids knew how to play and were perfectly content sitting and playing. I put some of the kids who didn’t know with them to watch and learn, the rest I tried to show the moves to. They had a blast. The photography teacher was also really happy with the way things went. The afternoon reflected the same spirit. Every class was a ball of excitement. Some classes had kids from third to eighth standard. Everyone did a great job. The teachers (volunteers!) loved it; the kids loved it. We have drama, chess, photography, flute (Indian flute), dance, katak (a kind of dance – please look it up if you don’t know it, it’s amazing), and next week we’ll add on interior design and a community arts program. All the volunteers are doing this for free. I’m truly impressed. It’s the beginning of a great program (if I do say so myself). Apparently the kids couldn’t stop talking about it the week before when there was sign up going on. I’m just so happy about it. The day was a long, rewarding but very tiring, which probably led to the way I’m feeling now, high spirits but sick body.
I’m sick, but in a different capacity. I feel like this is more of an “Indian” sickness. I woke up burning up with a fever and body aches. I’m not sick; no flu, no cold, no other symptoms, nothing. It’s the strangest feeling. One of the centers was doing a debate; I was in their plans so had to go and then did a casual meet up with one of the teachers to discuss many things about her centers. Both were necessary. I’ve been home achy, working, sleeping, and feeling hot and cold (which I find fascinating that you can feel both at the same time). Sagar and I were supposed to go to Mumbai for the capoeira batizado there tonight. That’s not happening. Hopefully we’ll be able to go for the workshops tomorrow. We’ll see.