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Once again everything changed. Maite moved out on Tuesday. She’s going to do an aurvedic massage course in Kerala. Manoj moved back in. Gatyri isn’t moving in. It’s like there was a huge whirlwind for a while, just to put everything back to the way it was.
Tomorrow I’m going to begin my journey to Dharamshala in order to do my Vipassana. In case I haven’t explained yet, Vipassana is a 10 day “course” in meditation. You’re not allowed to speak, write, listen to music, make eye contact, do any physical activity; basically, you’re not allowed to do anything but be silent and meditate. I’ve heard the first few days are torture and then you really get into it. I’ve also heard that many people break the vipassana and speak. You’re allowed to leave if you want but obviously it’s not encouraged. It’s supposed to help you in many ways. I’m a mixed ball of emotions.
For the first time I’m putting an automated response to my emails. I won’t have any connection for 10 days. Dharamkot, the village where this takes place is also where the Dalai Lama stays. It’s like a mini Tibet – like Bailakuppe near Mysore. That was one of my most enjoyable and peaceful moments in a long time; I’m hoping to repeat that, but tenfold.
I woke up this morning to breakfast, no work, and a Manoj breakfast and coffee. It’s a good last breakfast. There are timings for meals there, and I heard the food is very bland. That might not be the most exciting part. They say the first four days are the most difficult. The first four days are also the most guided.
Happy birthday mom. Another year, another birthday I’m not there. It’s sad, and probably one of the most difficult things about being, not only away, but also really far away. I missed her phone call this morning. We spoke yesterday though. Here’s your public birthday wish.
So here I am, signing off for now. I’ll try to give as much detail when I get back. I’ll spend the day in Delhi; destination, old city. My bus departs at 8:16 so I’ll have plenty of time to kill. And then, next stop, greenery, mountains, peaceful people, silence and reflection. I’m excited. If anyone wants to read more up on it, check out the website: