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another patchwork vacation post

Taking a shower is still odd. I have a bucket that I fill with water at home. I can’t keep the shower on the whole time. I’m not used to it and can’t justify the waste of water.

I made cookies. I used an oven. It was great.

I walk on the left side of the road.

People here offer seats to older people, to pregnant people, to women.

I get a little shocked when I step on someone’s feet or bump into them on the train or wherever, expecting a similar reaction of hand to forehead that I get in India.

All Indians I see here speak English. I’m not talking about the Indian/Americans, ones with American accents, but the Indians from India all speak to each other in English. The only exception was at the Kati Roll place, where the only thing I could understand was that they are from the South.

Yes, I’m going back. I’ve voiced the same thought. I just got off of skype with my roommate. He asked if I was coming back. I am. I’ve thought that I don’t want to though. I know that as soon as I get back there I’ll settle right back in. It feels like I’ve never left New York though.

Last night I went to an off Broadway play with my friend Anne. It was really, really amazing. Her cousin is in the show. They performed Shakespeare’s Cimbaline and of course added their own flare to it; there was blue grass music. It was just too good. I got a 20 questions session afterwards during dinner. Anne’s boyfriend lived in Japan for a while and we started comparing most shocking, pleasant, amazing, awful experiences or things in our times outside of the US. We both agreed that if someone has the means (money) they should be required to spend at least a year in a developing or at least significantly different country to understand how the rest of the world works. I explained my showering dilemma. He understood.

My friend Shem is using me as bait to get everyone to do everything. It’s really funny.