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Time for a short update

The kids came back for capoeira class tonight. Actually, I asked Ritesh to stop and tell them there was class on his way to class. He brought three of them. Sometimes I hear things about what is happening to my friends at home and feel like I should get home, that it’s time. And then, when I freak out, my roommate reminds me that tonight, Ishwar held my hand as I brought him to a medical shop after ice cream after class. He spoke to me about his family, the moon and stars, and school. I can understand the gist of what he says but not every word. Sometimes I bring other people over to translate. He doesn’t mind. He’ll just keep talking and explaining. He’s my favourite. That’s my happy bit of the day.
Another happy bit is work is very, very busy. Tomorrow I’m hearing Dr. Abdul Kalam, ex-president of India and leading scientist, speak at a school that does some work for our kids. I’m very excited.
Last weekend I saw Indian Ocean, one of my newest favourite bands. They’re amazing live, amazing artists, and do good social work. Nine of us went. Us meaning the capoeira friends; we do everything together. Last night I asked Indrajit what they did before “us” and he said movies and going to the gym. I think it’s funny. Anyway, here’s a link to Indian Ocean and some of my favourite songs of theirs.

The concert was amazing. I did have some issues with the crowd but I don’t feel like getting into it now. I feel like many things that relate to being Indian, socially, are finding their way into my frustrations, the way people speak to each other, act in social situations, drive, treat other people. This is not a reflection of my friends or coworkers, just things that I notice. I told a friend about it, an Indian friend from the US and she said she’s surprised that I didn’t react like this sooner. I don’t want to have these bad feelings, but I think it’s a part of the experience.
Sunday was basketball day. I suck at basketball but it’s super fun to play with my friends. Ritesh and Sagar have a court in their society. It’s the second or third time I’ve been to play. What’s great is that I don’t feel like a horrible player. We have fun, play around, play hard (ish) and laugh about it all. It was Super bowl Sunday. That evening, after a quick shower and an hour at home we went back out to Indrajit’s house to watch a football match – Chelsea and Manchester. It was a great game. I fell asleep for some time, but I love football. Some of my friends said it was un-American and sacrilegious to watch a football (soccer) game on a Super bowl Sunday. I think it’s funny.
I wanted to give a brief update. It was time for one of those.