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I thought instead of continuing that post, I’d start a fresh one with a better outlook on things. We’re redoing the Baroda trip. Today I found out about a half marathon in Mumbai and figured, why not run this half marathon. It’s only women, a few, including where I work, NGOs are a part of it. We’ll go to Baroda either the weekend before or two weekends after. I’m kind of upset, but it would be cool to say that I’ve run two half marathons, neither in my country of birth.
The mosquitoes are back. They bit a lot. It’s different than US mosquitoes. The sting or itch doesn’t stay around as long as I feel it does in the US. It’s interesting. It’s also getting warm. It’s getting up to 33 (91) degrees already. I can’t stop thinking about what my parents are going to do in heat like this.
My Pune driving is going much better. I don’t freak out as often, don’t stall as often, don’t curse as often (that might not be true), and I feel a bit more confident. Manoj said he’s going to make me drive until I don’t think it’s a big deal anymore. I think I’ll be driving until we give the car back.
This past weekend I went back to my old neighborhood for the first time since moving. I’ve passed through, but this time I actually spent time there, with Vibhor, with my old landlady. Apparently, while I was back in the US, the son found a wife and got married. They said they called but my phone was off. I haven’t spoken to them since a week after I left. Gayatri sat with me in their house again. My landlady was the same. It was really nice to see her. I also got to walk around and hang with Vibhor. We wander the streets – like we used to, only now I spend every few steps saying something like, “Oh I remember this,” or, “Oh, this is new!” I felt like an old lady. I wonder what it will be like when I leave India and then return however many years later. It’s an interesting thought.