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Bye, bye New York

I cried pretty bad while leaving my parents at the airport. I didn’t want to. I had a great afternoon with them. I had a great time at home. Honestly, I could have stayed longer. I’m not that person though, so I’ll go back. Right now I’m in the airport finishing up my time here. I bough alcohol duty free for the first time; my friends requested that I bring back some Jack Daniels. They would have preferred if I went to Tennessee to pick it up there, but Duty Free will do as well. I also picked myself up some Black Label. I love my sophisticated taste.
Yesterday was a whirlwind day beginning at 8am with an old professor from grad school. it was so nice to have someone from there interested in what I’m doing now, what I want to do next, and who will support me through it all. It began and ended with a hug. I think grad school was good to me. Next I went to meet the Director of Education from my old job. We spoke about the kids we know in common, progress, stagnation, and updates of the organization. It was good to be updated and in the loop. I miss those kids so much and wish I could just work with them. After a lovely bagel with cream cheese and lox (yes, I ate fish) I went to meet an old boss turned friend of mine to pick up a gift (chocolates, which are very fragile in my hands) and meet some other friends. It was non-stop. I had to say goodbye to them at that point. After a great dinner with my parents I turned outside in the below comfortably freezing weather to a very relaxed capoeira class. It’s nice to know that at least I’ll be leaving the freezing cold weather. I had to say goodbye to all of those friends too.
The trip itself was amazing in every way. I don’t think I could have asked for anything better. To finish it up, I met up with one of the first kids who became a long-term kid. I’ve known her since she was in third grade and now she’s a junior in college. It’s been amazing to watch her grow up. Every time we meet, which is about once a year, is such a pleasure.
I indulged in meat this afternoon via my mom’s Swedish meatballs. They were beyond amazing. It’s time like those that I miss meat. It was a great way to end the visit. My mom has been really great in trying to plan their visit to India in March/April.
Traveling home, and meeting with old friends, speaking with family, is one of the best things ever; like Rachel Maddow says, every day there’s the best thing in the world, or something like that. In going back now, I can’t help but feel, for lack of a better non-religious word, blessed to know that I have this to come home to whenever I come home. I couldn’t be luckier. It’s more than luck. And, to top it off, I have friends in India who are awaiting my arrival just like my friends here at home. Who can be that fortunate?
Ok, enough with the crazy talk. I am excited to go to my other home. I get to go back to work, to see my kids there, to see my coworkers (although I did a great job of not working while on vacation, so I can’t say I’m looking forward to getting back to the pile of stuff I have to do), to be with my friends, to be a part of my friends weddings (yes, there are multiple), and to be in my home. I’m boarding soon and promised myself that I would do work while on my flights in order to lessen my burden when I get back. So, I’ll say goodbye to New York, goodbye to the US and will meet you on the other side of the world. Happy New Year!