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Tiny bites

I feel like if I express my frustrations, especially on a larger scale (the internet and my blog might be as loud as I can yell) I might feel a bit better. I understand I’ve been a little stressed lately; work has been a bit busy, my friends have been around a lot (which I love but I always forget that I need me time), and whatever else that might trigger little bits of stress. So yes, I don’t like it when people say how can people do this (this meaning whatever the topic is at hand). This has been hitting me rather hard lately, especially when it criticizes other cultures or aspects of another culture. I was walking with a good friend of mine (which usually makes it easier to ignore such comments, but lately it’s been making it worse) and she said that she doesn’t understand how my jam could be so bitter, and not sweet. I tried to explain that Indian jam is sweet (the local stuff is loaded with sugar and almost tastes like candy in my opinion, so I don’t buy it). She said mine shouldn’t be called jam but chutney. It’s not chutney, and chutney doesn’t really exist out of India. Why can’t everyone be open to things being different? Couldn’t she have just said, “I like sweet jam.” But her comment reflects such a cultural difference, almost as to say something along the lines of “These people,” with a shunning tone.