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Here and there

Everything has been perfect these past few days/weeks. I will miss home immensely.

Christmas couldn’t have been better. It was a great feeling to see my family. Sometimes you don’t know how much you miss something until they’re back. It was such a warm fuzzy feeling.

New York was warm up until yesterday when it got freezing cold. I commenced extracurricular activities such as salsa dancing and going out after capoeira classes. It’s just comfortable. It’s like finding an old sweater that was stuck in the back of the closet and it smells like an old perfume; it fits like it was made for you.

My friend Joseph who I know from India, who’s Indian, goes to the University of Michigan. Him and a few of his friends came out to New York for a few days. I got to be a tourist with them. I took them to places I love like the Brooklyn Bridge, the village, and Juniors. It was actually just an excuse to go to Juniors (the best cheesecake in the world). I went around Chinatown, but not with them. I had to pick up a few gifts that some friends asked for. I met men from Bangladesh. Besides Chinese people, Bangladeshi make up the rest of the Chinatown sales people. I even got a free keychain from one of them as well, just because I work in India. One of them even said that when I back to India I should go to Bangladesh and visit his family. He’d tell his mother and sister I was coming and I’d be taken care of. The difference is that if I actually went, I would be taken care of. That wouldn’t happen in the US.

My stomach issues are resolved. I got antibiotics. The only thing I could figure is that I got something on the plane. I still think that it was quite ironic that I didn’t get “the sickness” from being in India but I got it in the US.

One of the days I was waiting to meet Joseph, I was walking around and sat myself down in a coffee shop and read my book. I miss that. I miss people getting up on the subway for old people, saying even bless you on the train when someone sneezes. I miss obnoxious New Yorkers who curse people out on the trains and the people who either ignore them or pretend to. Something new and amazing on the subway is timings. This is something in which New York lagged behind India. The train in Mumbai has timings, when trains are coming. They’re more accurate in New York I think, but it’s a new luxury here.

I went to lunch with several people. They all mean so much to me. There’s something about meeting with friends or old classmates turned friends that I think is just a part of growing up. I think coming back makes you realize many important things; sometimes prioritizing; sometimes just knowing better than you did before about what you should be doing when. Maybe I would have developed that regardless.