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I’m enjoying my pre-outing of a Friday night with the Temptations, an imported ginger ale, and ratatouille. I have to close my front door these days because my neighbors (both next door and across the hall) have been so in and out, it seems a little invasive. Actually, I’ve wanted to talk about that. My next-door neighbors have done a 180 since we met them and they invited themselves in for a “hard drink.” Now, the woman peers into our apartment when she walks by, disapprovingly. We have no idea what we could have done to make her feel as if she could not like us so much. I think it’s kind of funny. Her nephew is as rowdy as ever. He’s in an out; I’ve run into him at the vet (when we had Caxixi) at the liquor store, and all over the streets. He gave me a ride last week to get the kids claiming he was going in that direction and then when I got off he said he was just dropping me. It was a little weird.
The guys across the hall, however many there may be (I’m still only certain of two and the other ones always seem to be changing), have now decided they can talk to me all of a sudden. In fact, they like me enough that I’ve now been their beer cooler. Well, to be fair, the two I know who live there seem to be really nice. They always say hi. A couple weeks ago they said more than hi and I realized that they don’t speak English. I was a little surprised. Anyway, as I was coming in one day they asked if I had a fridge; they don’t have one. They asked if they could store a Sprite. Of course, being a good neighbor, I said yes and that I’d be back later that night. When I got back home, I rang their bell and they took the Sprite with a thank you. About 15 minutes later they rang my bell asking if I could store two beers for them. One was actually a present for me – a corona. I tried to explain that it’s pretty common in the US and that he shouldn’t worry about giving me anything, but he was pretty insistent. I said that I would hold off till the next day.
By the way, my ratatouille is amazing!
The next day he took his Kingfisher and asked if I tried the Corona. I didn’t. I didn’t understand the next few words from his mouth but he was apparently asking if I wanted to come over for chicken. I told him I was veg and he said ok and went in. The next night, an unknown roommate came and asked for the Corona. I probably wasn’t going to drink it anyway. I find our interactions hilarious. Last night while I was walking in after 11pm one of the more known ones (the one who thinks he’s going to use my mac) asked if I wanted dinner; he was going out and offered to pick up something for me. It’s nice. All of them are hilarious.