Back…with additions

            Coming back is like coming home. Last night we arrived around 4am to Pune and as we went on the highway from the airport, and approached Pune, I felt like I had never left. I had the same feeling of “the other home” being a little bit of a dream and that I never left this home. It’s such an odd feeling.

            The trip was long. It was my first time taking a direct flight. We got to the airport a few hours early and the kids did a great job hanging and being patient. Once we boarded, we waited again. I had only known them a little over 3 days and already felt a bond and responsibility towards them. It’s funny how fast things like that can happen. I trust them, but then watch over them like a mom. They’re my responsibility. I almost feel like their enjoyment, their first impressions of a country that I’ve learned to love, depend on the way I present certain information. I checked on them a couple times during the flight. Apparently they came to visit me at some point, but I was sleeping. It made me feel nice they came to check on me. I’ve developed a swollen feet flying syndrome, which is a bit crazy and slightly unpleasant. We had to wait for the bus to come once we landed, and they did a good job with that as well.

            After reaching the hotel at 4am, we checked in (my room is pretty sweet) and as much as I tried to sleep, sleep didn’t come. After two hours (almost) some of the kids knocked on my door to ask a question before they went down. I shall be sleeping in 10 minutes. It’s been a long day today. They sat through hours of orientation here and a few meals. I got to take them for a short stroll where they were exposed to some of the less dangerous, less crowded streets of Pune.

            So far, they love it. They love the food too. Besides the food, they love the chai and he colors of the clothes. They can’t get over the toilets, driving on the other side of the road, the decrease in visibility of women, the humidity and smell, and that people tend to stare at them. I say they’re right about on target for all shocking feelings. 

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