beginning of week 2

            I want to go back. This isn’t to say that I’m not happy to be here, to be with my family and see friends who I haven’t seen or spent time with in a long time. This is to say that I miss home. Pune, India, my home, is home and I miss it. Since being back here I’ve been so happy to spend time with my parents and family. My sister arranged a little coming home party for me. My uncle, aunt, cousin, and his girlfriend came as well. It was really nice. The day was perfect. I made my uncle let me drive his manual car. It was strange to have the gears shift with my right hand. The car was also a lot more powerful then Manoj’s car or any car that I drove there. We caught up and just spent time together. That was important.

            Since being home I’ve spent a lot of time with my sister, which has been extremely nice. I saw friends from high school who as the years have gone on have become more and more important. I went to two capoeira classes so far and was going to go to a third tonight but I did something funny to my back and decided to come to a café and write instead.

            I stepped into the café and as I was putting my books down I saw an old familiar face. When I was working in an after school program here I became close with a mother and daughter. The daughter would smother me with a huge hug every time she saw me and the mom was connected to a few of my friends outside of the school. They were an awesome pair who I always loved taking some time out to speak with and spend time. The little girl is now taller than me. She made me feel old because she’s going into high school next year. She wants to live in Paris. Her little brother is almost 4 and he was just a baby when I left. We spent the whole time chatting and catching up.

            What’s interesting is I find it strange to talk about India or many of the things I lived through. Not that I don’t want to, it’s just I don’t think my words can do it justice – which is kind of ironic because I’ve been writing and writing all this time and use my words here. At some point, I will stop writing. Things will go back to normal here or I’ll return there and will continue my life there without this blog. I don’t know when that time will come. It might be now for all I know.

            Yesterday I had another skype call with Manoj, Ritesh, and the kids. Only two came but we had a good time. After the kids left Sachin joined the call. They sit in a restaurant and talk to a computer screen. It’s hysterical to think about. They said everyone could hear the conversation and most people probably think that they’re crazy. They are a bit nuts, but that’s besides the point. I can’t remember if I wrote about this in the last post, but the internet has been my saviour. If I were in a time without such facility of communication across countries, I would be in a much worse state. I can (and do) send text messages and emails constantly, every day, to all of my friends. It’s amazing to be able to do that, and I have a whole new appreciation for technology.

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