Closing out…

            It’s a new old, or a new spin. Nothing’s over, it’s just changed. This past week has been a big huge blur of meetings with friends and spending time with important people. After getting back from Sikkim I went to my office and closed out things there, visited a few centers, sold my bike, bought last minute items, ran around like a mad woman, and then relaxed with friends.

            A fun story – I was at work for maybe two hours and parked my bike in the parking area outside (as opposed to downstairs in the lot). It’s been really hot in Pune so I left my sweater on the bike to protect it from the sun and then went in the office. When I came out it was gone. I asked the guys who were watering plants, they didn’t know. Then I asked security. What followed was a couple of hours of detective work; I think it might have been the first time they were able to use the cameras (which I didn’t even know they had) and the video recording they took. We must have watched it at least 6 times, and that too in slow motion. By the end we could all say that this is where he picks it from my bike, folds it on his bike, walks away and looks back, comes back 3.4 minutes later, picks up the jacket, folds it again, and drives off. They called him, he denied stealing it. They called the person he came to visit to the office to call him. I left for a meeting, came back, and he was there, with my jacket. He apologized, and seemed scared shitless. Our HR head came to yell at him too. I wouldn’t want to be yelled at by her, I’d be scared. I felt bad for him even then.

            Selling my bike was an interesting story as well. When my coworker went with me to ask about how much I could get for it at the showroom, we were quoted 28000. I was happy with that, most folks thought it was a good price. This was before I left for traveling. When I got back we spoke to him again and he said because of market flux that I might not get that much for it anymore. We explored options of selling it to other people but in the end it all fell through. I went by myself to sell it. He gave me the whole spiel about market flux and took a look at my bike (although it was pretty evident he didn’t really know what he was doing). Before stepping back into his office he speaks some more, me nodding my head, and then says, “fir, kitne do? (how much (should he give me)” I explained to him that he said 28 so I want 28. He started rambling again – sometimes it’s good that I don’t understand everything (but I got the gist). Then I said, “fir, kitna?” he said 17. I went for my paper work, laughed at him and started to walk away. He, obviously, called me back and asked me how much. 28 is what he said, 28 is what I wanted. I was nice, and smiled, and he said fine, 27. I felt so cool and bargain savvy.  

It was great to see kids and teachers again, one last time. There was our Annual Performance which was great to watch. It was one of the best yet. I got to meet a couple of kids from centers I wouldn’t be going back to. One group gave me a cook book, another child, one of the most energetic and amazing kids came just to sit with me. It was truly special.

            Most of my time was spent with my friends. There are no words to explain how much they mean and will continue to always mean to me. I can’t get senti now, been too senti (our slang for sentimental) lately. We spent the entire last day together running helter skelter all over Pune trying to buy last minute things, eat my favourite foods for the last time (pani puri, pani puri, mango, spdp), packing and just hanging.

            More to come on that later…

  1. “It’s a new old, or a new spin. Nothing’s over, it’s just changed.” Sounds like the begining to an awesome novel, beautiful opener. You Rock, keep on trucking. PEACE

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