Kerala end, Bangalore, Kolkata…

So much has happened since Kerala that it seems like weeks ago. It seems silly, but it’s true. I spent the weekend in Karnataka with my friend and we decided to go to Coorg. It was an interesting adventure because our bus got us there at 4:30am. We didn’t have a hotel and hopped in a rickshaw only to find that two hotels were completely booked. We wanted to stay a little out side of the city, so we opted to go to the middle of nowhere and see if there was a hotel there. Luckily we met a really nice hotel owner who let us sleep inside the house, after a while of wondering what else we could do or where else we could go. We ended up sleeping inside their house for the rest of the night and in the morning, got a proper room. We wandered around and did a bit of nothing the entire weekend. It was a perfect pause to the rest of this crazy traveling. There’s more to write, but no time to write and too much to tell.
Monday morning was the flight to Kolkata. I stayed at this crazy guest house that consisted of shacks on the top of the roofs. Rupak, the owner took me around for a bit, we saw a movie to hound off the afternoon heat (Calcutta is super duper hot and humid) and then made our way back to the hotel. I wish I could have spent a little more time with him and Ruth, the British girl who showed up later that day. We had the most amazing dahi (curds) from a roadside place. Everyone knows him in that neighborhood. It was fascinating. The first night, because I was alone in the city, a friend of my friends called me to invite me out with his friends. It was nice to meet folks from the city, and experience a different part of the city.
In general Kolkata was a whirlwind trip that I probably should have extended for a day, but couldn’t seem to do it. I really wanted to be where I am now, Sikkim, in the mountains. I got to see one of my friends for the day who came into the city to tour around with me. We went to a couple temples and Rabindranath Tagore’s house. He’s one of my favourite writers and heroes in general. So I was super happy to get there. It was beyond super, super hot and humid and poor Indro and I were melting away in the city. It was rushed and I should probably have spent at least one more day there. I didn’t get a real feel of the city except that the traffic is horrific and makes Pune and Mumbai look like amateurs. That evening I managed to get an egg roll with Indro and a photo for my permit to Sikkim, with enough time to rush back through the traffic and metro to the hotel, pop a quick shower, and then another cab ride to the bus stop. The metro in Kolkata is pretty awesome. It goes far and fast. The way back was great because we got an AC car, not all of the trains are AC.
I had to change bus stops where I was going to get on. I had to call the website which I booked the bus on, the bus company, and then the conductor. I managed the whole thing in Hindi, which was completely awesome. I know it’s karab (broken) but it works and that makes me happy. After so much rush, I got to the bus early and sat.

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