Last Day

            I couldn’t’ have thought of a better way to end my last day of work. There are two kids, a brother and sister, at the school where I had my after school program. Whenever the program wasn’t running, if a teacher was absent or they got done early, or picked up late, or found a few minutes, they would find some time to talk to me, ask me many questions, and ask me to get them books. Rutuja is now reading the Golden Compass series and Harsh is reading Harry Potter. They’re both avid readers. When they speak, they even have more flowery language than they should – I assume because they read so much.

Today was a bit hectic. I went to one center, then another, and then the office, only to be kicked out because we were doing on the spot interviews. There were so many people in the office I decided to work from the school. I was going there anyway for a lunch and then thought I’d just work from there. There are still a lot of odds and ends I have to finish up with, and got a lot done. I was just too tired to do anything else so I decided to sit and speak with my kids. They were waiting for their mom to pick them up so I kept them company. They asked me so many questions, made sure I wrote them a letter before I left – one for each of them. They called me when they got home, said they would miss me, and made sure we would speak frequently before I left. They’re to give me updates on what they’re reading and ask as many questions about the world as possible. They also wanted to make sure I got home safe. They made me write them a letter before I left and their mom picked them up. They’re to give me updates via email from the Vice Principal about what books they’re reading.

At that time I was asking the dry cleaners, please bachao because my kurta and pants were ruined from Holi. It was a funny scene.

So now, officially, it’s over, done, just like that. 2.5 years with an organization, and that’s it. I’ll go back for the Annual performance when I’m back after my traveling. I’ll get to meet the teachers, some of the kids, and just be a part of it one more time. I can’t believe it’s just done though.

It’s tomorrow now, and where do I find myself? The office. I have some work to finish up. I guess it’s not over yet.

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