After School Arts Showcase!

            I couldn’t feel prouder or better or happier, or any positive –er. It wouldn’t be possible. Yesterday we showcased the After School Arts program at the school. It was absolutely incredibly amazing. Each of the different clubs got to display their work – dance, kathak, photography, drama, flute and art. It was fantastic. They all impressed everyone with their achievements. The teaching artists were happy, the school was happy; I was ecstatic. I felt like a proud parent. The organization of it went super smoothly. I can only just keep smiling and saying positive things about it. Everyone put in so much hard work. The dancers got to change and wear a non school uniform for the performance. They thought it was amazing. They smiled and had fun. They were glowing almost as much as I was. There were emails all day from everyone who was able to attend from the office. Everyone was happy. I can’t really put it all into words, I’ll let some pictures do the talking. I also have a video up on facebook of one child who didn’t know anything about the flute and who played Jana Gana Mana (Indian national anthem). I wanted to cry, he was that good.

The album is now public as well, but I’ll share some pictures here as well.




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