Weather Changes are Upsetting and Concerning

            It rained. This might not be a big deal for the US or other countries that don’t have defined seasons for wet and dry, but here, it’s a huge deal. Here we have defined seasons: winter, summer, rainy. When one of these intertwines with the other, people get very worried. Already there was one fluke rain earlier this year. Farmers are very concerned because it affects their crops. The crops are their livelihood; Bad season, no money, no food, death. Yes, it’s a very bleak picture, but it’s the truth. Here, suicide is quite prevalent amongst farmers, well much more so in general as well. My friend slept over the other night, it was warm in the room. It was unseasonably warm a couple weeks ago and then cooled down again. It’s still warmer than it should be. Before falling asleep she said that it was so hot and so many people would die this year because of the heat. It’s a harsh reality here.

            The world has undergone some drastic changes these past couple of years; the West is finally getting a taste of some of the negative results of our careless and selfish actions. However, I don’t think it’s enough to influence the money holders, the power holders. How close to your back yard do you need things to get before you realize that something has to change? This weekend is also rained in Pune, in Delhi, for a few hours. It’s not supposed to happen.

            I hate to be all Debbie downer about this all but this affects me, which in turn, affects you. How long does this need to knock in the back door of the world before the people in power, the people who control the money and policy decide to do something. It’s interesting. We’re ingrained to do everything to save power and water here. Maharashtra is in a drought. Last night we discussed boycotting Holi because of the drought. Although, many people here might not do so, there is a group that thought that wasting that amount of water would be irresponsible. In order to get hot water you have to turn on the geiser. We turn off lights and fans religiously when walking in and out of rooms. These are not even droplets in the large ocean of energy saving or reducing the impact of climate change, yet we’re the ones who will experience the biggest changes first.

            This is an argument about development though. The problem is that the global North is not reducing their carbon footprint at a fast enough rate, and the global South is developing without enough new technologies that will give less stress to the globe. Kya karoo?

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