Good Monday

            This would be the time to talk about something good, especially about work, especially after my last post. I just received a phone call from one graduate of our program. Every couple of months she would call me to tell me how she’s doing, usually around exam time. She was at a center we have at a girls’ home and went back home after finishing her 10th standard (as all of the girls do). There was a small scandal last year when she was caught walking around with a boy. Her parents wanted to get her married and take her out of school because they thought she was not taking advantage of her studies anyway; there is also a social stigma if girls are getting caught going around with boys. The social worker had to get involved last year and speak to both her and her parents. They’re supportive of her, but didn’t want her to cause any problems. Today, the phone call was nothing but positivity. She is finishing her 12th standard exams. Next year, by her own choice, she’s going to the police academy, which is a very reputable step. Her brother is still planning on going to the US and everything with her is really great. She’s studying for her exams. It was a great Monday phone call. 

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