transfers, u-turns, and homework

            One thing that I’m not sure I’ll ever understand here is the way offices and companies work. Last week one of my best friends was transferred to Bangalore, while another one was transferred back to Pune from Hyderabad. This just happens all the time. When Ritesh was transferred, we knew only a week or so before. Vineet knew for a while but didn’t have a choice to say no. I’m not a huge corporate person, I don’t really know anything at all about it, but I don’t feel like this happens in the US, or maybe anywhere else I know. How can they just uproot someone from there home, life, everything without a choice? The choice would be if you wanted a job or not. When I was in Hyderabad, one of the friends of my friends was an older man. He worked for the same company as my friend and was transferred to Pune while his family was somewhere else. He traveled home every weekend to spend time with his family. At a certain point he finally said enough was enough and transferred his family to Pune and he was transferred a few months after that to somewhere else. How is this OK? How do people support it? It’s like you have to give up your life or give up your life. Some of you must be wondering, well, you moved to an entirely different country for a job, but, my friends, this was completely voluntary. I don’t understand the fluidity. Additionally, another friend of mine was shipped off to the US, to Michigan. She told us only a week before she was leaving because it was not certain that she’d actually go – visa’s aren’t so easy to come by. I don’t think she opted to move, they gave her an option, maybe, but they also might have just told her that they’re switching her to a project in the US. If you decide not to go with the flow, you lose your job. That doesn’t seem fair.


            In other news, I have a fun biking story. Near my house there’s a U-turn on a larger road. They’ve recently put in a signal – which makes me super happy even though they turn the signal off sometimes and it’s a complete mess. Yesterday, I was at that signal and I stopped because it was red. U-turners often break signals, especially if there are no cars coming in the opposite direction. I have made it a point to obey all traffic lights whenever possible. The impossible times are when cars are speeding by you (sometimes the lights are completely unnecessary) and it becomes dangerous to stop – like that time I got my toe run over by a rickshaw. So I stopped at this light and heard non stop honking from the car behind me. After 10 seconds I turned around and the drive motioned for me to go. I pointed at the red light and turned back around. The honking persisted so I shook my (in a very Indian manner) to signal that I’m not moving. Still the honking got worse so I turned around and a man got out of the back seat and yelled at me to go, I said, “lal hei” meaning it’s red, and he called me an asshole in a very angry manner and got back into his car. I just laughed it off. When the light finally turned green, I turned and the driver drove by, what I would call aramse (calmly). The man in the back seat gave me the finger and I gave him a thumbs up back while smiling from my helmet. Such silliness! The best part is that he wasn’t in a rush. The driver continued to go at a normal pace right in front of me. There was no fire, no emergency. There was a kid in his lap, maybe about 3 or 4 years old. Too bad he’ll grow up with that kind of father or uncle. So sad.


            It’s Friday. There’s a weekend of relaxation ahead, which is scary because I don’t remember the last time I had nothing to do on a weekend. There’s a lot of planning to do, things that can already be packed up and/or thrown out (winter stuff because it’s abnormally already heating up here). I’m taking an on line class too for which I have to do homework. That is an interesting statement too; I have homework.

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