piecemeal in pieces

I’m alive and well…This shall be a sporadic, piecemeal post because I don’t get the time to sit and write. I might be avoiding it, slightly because of what I have to write about.

There is too much to say that has happened in the past few weeks, or even months to make it clear via internet, or maybe even words. I guess the easiest thing to write would be the big facts and then continue as usual to spit out the little stories that make my life awesome and write about the experiences and people around me that make it awesome.

I’m leaving in 2.5 months. It’s this horrible feeling that has overcome what I do, say, act and feel all the time. I can talk about it freely. I think it means that I’m really depressed about it. And even now, as I sit down and write, in Bombay at my friend’s place, someone has come over so I can’t continue this now.


I’m back in Pune. It was fun to be in Bombay again; I haven’t been since September.


So much is happening right now. In terms of work, my after school arts program is going really well. Every time I go to the school the kids shout at me, “didi, didi is there X club today.” I get so happy to be able to tell them that there is that club and that they get to participate in fun activities. Today in fact the clubs are cancelled; school is cancelled for a holiday. Instead I get to go on a field trip with one of my centers to Chawki Dani, a Rajasthani themed restaurant and activity center. I never get to go on the trips, so this is also exciting for me.


I can still get amazed at certain things here. Yesterday, while driving, there was an open truck filled with some kind of something in jute bags. There was a man just sleeping, his feet dangling out of the back. I just can’t get over it.


We had a staff retreat the other weekend. It was really fun. We went to a beginners campsite in Khopoli. It’s beginners because the tents are already set up for you and there are tent bathrooms, in that, there are really nice bathrooms that happen to be inside tents. I thought it was such a nice idea to help introduce people to the world of the outdoors without freaking non-outdoorsy people out too much. I got to be a part of the compering (new word meaning MC). Everyone was broken into teams and they had to perform a variety of tasks throughout the day. At night we took a midnight walk to the lake. I was missing the stars and the sky. It was definitely very beautiful. I also missed the morning trek to an adjacent hill – this demonstrates how tired I’ve been – and slept in the tent, woke up, and took a nap on a hammock. Hammocks are one of the best inventions ever. They’re at most resort type places here, and I feel they are very underutilized in the US. People also have hanging chairs on their porches and balconies. In the north (Rajasthan I think mostly) they have swings inside their houses as well. They’re not swing types of swings, but rather floating benches. In one flat I looked at almost 2 years ago, they had one of these in the living room. It would have been awesome to have one in my house.


Yesterday’s trip was fun yet exhausting. Even at work I’ve been super busy these past few weeks. Everything is busy. Planning is not one of my strengths, so today I had to make it a point to sit down and start planning my traveling as well. 

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