Goodbye Erin!

There’s something to be said for sharing or having something in common with someone. Sometimes you don’t know how much you miss something until it pops up in your face. It’s not to say at all that what you have isn’t amazing and perfect, but, at times, someone comes along to remind you of jokes that aren’t said, accents that relate to a certain instance or cultural concept, or just something from your past that you haven’t thought of in a long time. Erin has not only been an amazing friend, but also one of those reminders. We are able to talk about many things that I haven’t thought of in a long time; we make jokes about the SNL skit with Mike Myers. It’s something small, but it’s been amazing. She’s leaving on Monday night and I am very sad. Every once in a while there’s another foreigner who passes through here who allows me to be slightly more “American.” Something that Erin and I share, that I haven’t been able to share with anyone else, is a love for living here; a love for India, a love for the friendships we’ve formed, and the feeling that leaving here would be beyond sad. She’s been here for about 4 months and the “India bug” has caught hold of her. I’m very, very sad that she’s leaving. She’s become such an amazing friend in such a short amount of time. She’s also someone who will be able to understand what I’ve been going through.
We spoke about how when we go back we will defend certain things about India, about our friends, get slightly offended by curry jokes, try to tell our experiences to others but know that in the end they might not fully understand. We will be defensive even though we might not want to be. This has been the first time I was able to share this kind of experience and feeling with someone. My two other American friends who passed through here wanted to go home. They were ready to leave. Erin is like me. She loves it here and doesn’t feel like it’s her time to leave yet. It’s been so special to have her around, to joke with, to speak to, and just be friends with. Her presence will be missed by all of us Pune folks.
This weekend we went around and about Pune. I got to take her to Peter Donuts in Aundh and today we went to the Marathi thali place. This is my city and I get to do tour guide stuff. She needed to get a pen drive, so since we were in the neighborhood I took her to the place where I get my headphones. It’s some non descript store. The only reason I go there is because someone took me once. It pays to go to the same place over and over again. We got her pen drive and he said that he had new Skullcandy headphones in case I wanted to look. Last time I wanted a replacement pair for ones that broke but had to get another brand because he didn’t have any. He remembered me, remembered what I wanted to get. I am beyond impressed. Not that there must be too many foreigners who repeat the same store over and over again, but still. It’s impressed.
Completely unrelated – I have eggs in my planters on my balcony. I was so shocked when I went to water my plants to find an egg in the empty pot. The next day, there was another one. There was no bird. Today, when I came home, was the first time I have ever not found a pigeon to be totally disgusting. I can’t really take a picture because of its location and that I would have to open the doors and the bird would fly away. But it’s really funny looking to see the head of the bird stick out of the top of the flowerpot. Can a pigeon be not disgusting?

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