birthday, staying…

Last weekend was a birthday fun filled ball of Gayatri. It started with a lovely face painting party at home and we never really made it out. Manoj bought Gayatri face paints and it was her present to be able to paint everyone’s face. She matched each design to each person perfectly. It involved the elements of a party, music, some alcohol and a group of really fun loving people. It was so much fun. We talked and acted super silly as adults should and had a great time. Even new people from our group joined in and seemed to have a great time. We are now three Westerners – 2 Americans and 1 Canadian – all girls. It’s nice to have some folks from the West back in my life. The last time I had that was Maite and she’s been gone for a while now. They’ll both be here through most of the winter.
The party turned a little sour when we saw that the police were coming. Our music was off by 12:00, and although we were talking loud, I don’t think we were half as loud as the guys who used to live across the hall from us. They used to party until 2am with loud music. I used to store their beer in our fridge. Anyway, they barged into our home. I was told to go in the room and sleep while they were here. They came into my room and observed Gayatri and I sleeping for a while. One of them commented that, “you know how German girls are.” First of all, no, I don’t, second, I’m not German! It was awful and we didn’t appreciate them being here. Strangely enough they wanted to take all of us to the precinct for disturbing the peace but they were on a motorcycle and there were more than 8 of us here. I wonder how that would have happened. Anyway, after an hour and a half of negotiations, they left. It was a bit nuts to say the least. It made the party even more memorable.
The rest of the weekend went by slowly for a change and was perfect. It consisted of lazy days and long conversations with friends – silly, serious, politics, socially conscious, etc. It helped me come to the conclusion to stay a little bit longer. My two years is up on the 26th of October – contract up, time to come home. Only now I can say it’s just not time to go back to the States, at least not yet. I don’t want to write any more about that here. Some things I don’t write about, and that’s all I’m really going to say about this here.
There are exciting progressions happening at work. I’m making travel plans, making staying at home plans, it’s going to be an exciting couple of months coming up.
This Sunday we’re taking our kids, and some work kids are also going, to the Vipassana center to participate in a kids day.

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