Everything has changed; not for better or worse, but just for different. Manoj is traveling now, Maité moved in, Gayatri will join in a little bit as well; I applied for a visa extension; less people come home every day; it’s different. Our house is now very international. Maité is from Brazil, I’m from the US, Manoj is from Pune/Morocco, Gayatri is from Gujrat/Karnataka. It’s awesome the diversity that we have here!
There’s been so much going on. I know how to make a good chai now. My friend Yatin has been my chai guru. He came over every once in a while, we’d chat, and I’d actively observe the magic of perfect chai. Mine is nowhere near close, but every once in a while I get it good.
This time reapplying for my visa was so much easier. Half of that has to do with the fact I knew the process, but it seemed like everyone was a lot nicer as well. It only took me three tries. Yes, that’s only a little.
I ate fish. I’m going to eat fish again tonight. My diet here has been a little horrible lately. We’ve been eating out, there’s been no time to cook, and if there is, I’d rather sleep or not cook. We decided to go on a new health kick, part of that made me think that fish is really good for you, so I should eat it every once in a while. I started reading a travel book by a woman who traveled India by fish. The first chapter was about Bengali iilish. I sent a message to a Bengali friend and he instructed me where to go, what to eat. I went. The iilish wasn’t ready yet so three of us tried three other different kinds of fish. It was also one of my first times with Bengali food. I might have to venture there much more often.

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