A Rare, but Short, Post About Work

There are many different kinds of teachers. There are teachers who aren’t very good but try and consistently ask for feedback, strive to implement what they’ve learned ask for your support and will work with you as team; some teachers work very independently and do great; others, as I’ve recently found out, don’t like you, don’t want to work with you, and think that you’re mean and insensitive (this has been a struggle with just one and no one agrees with that person); others are good teachers, take your support and will do ten times more than they’re asked for. It’s important to always recognize what’s going well, what needs improvements, and where, as a team, you can work together to make sure there are the best outcomes for the children. I work with teachers across the spectrum. I’ve recently been dealing with one teacher who is Indian but lived for quite some time in the US. I was called rude, culturally insensitive, not helpful; my boss had to intervene. It was a successful meeting and I don’t feel I should discuss it further except to say that I take these things to heart. She said that she thinks I’m more Indian than many of the Indians. I appreciate and really love my coworkers so much. Anyway, back to the teachers. This one teacher went above and beyond on her own and when I asked her for more she delivered. I sent her a text to say that she’s awesome. Her response, “Thx! Bt it’s all because of your support and motivation. ☺” I love moments like that.

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