yoga and petrol

Today Bhakti and I decided to register for Iyengar Yoga. This would take my yoga ventures to a whole new level. Iyengar is supposed to be very rigorous, very amazing. My friend from New York who kind of introduced me to yoga really wants to study this kind of yoga. The registration is open once a year, this week. We figured if we got there a half hour early we’d be ok. It was not ok. The line, or lack there of, was ridiculous. We were told one thing, then another. Finally when we got a number but they weren’t taking up to our number. We didn’t know we had to have proof of residency and a photo. I ran home got my papers, came back to find Bhakti getting pushed around in the crowd for a piece of paper to register us. We got the paper and were told to come back at 4:00. The number didn’t seem to matter to the people waiting to register in line, so we got on line. After almost 3 hours of waiting we were sitting at the desk to register when a man walks up to me and said, foreigners aren’t allowed to register today. I was about to cry. I tried to argue my case but it didn’t really work and now I have to go back again tomorrow. It almost doesn’t seem worth it until you think about the prestige of the place and what an opportunity it is to be able to study yoga there.
Gas is expensive! Because of the Rupee, gas increased by 7 Rupees two days ago. This is completely absurd. Apparently this Thursday there might be a strike, which might affect work significantly – some folks live far away and we have our education convention this week, and it might be almost close to impossible for them to get around without a rickshaw. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. They had to raise the price of gas because the rupee has fallen so low. We’re at a record of 56 rupees per dollar. It’s bad!

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