Brief Update with Too Much to Update

It’s been too long and too much has happened. My parents have gone; it was amazing to have them here – they did a good job in a completely different culture, different food, hot weather, really hot weather, meeting my friends, dealing with me. It was definitely an interesting experience for me as well. It was important for them to get a glimpse of my life, what I do on a day to day basis, but balance that with the fact that they can’t run around like I do, that they were probably still jet lagged, and are not in their 20s. I think they had a great time. They said they did. When we reached back home late they got to spend Thursday roaming around my neighborhood and the shopping/busy area while I went to work. Thursday was fun because they came to my capoeira class, met all my friends and had their first Indian thali. I think they had a lot of fun exploring some new tastes and ways to eat food. We tried to teach them to eat only with their hands, but it’s not an easy task to master in one sitting. It was super exciting because I got to take my mom on my bike. She seemed like she was freaking out for the first five minutes and then relaxed into it. My dad rode on the back of my friend Sachin’s bike.
We had off on Friday and dilly dallied around the house, went to breakfast at my favorite south Indian hidden restaurant and roamed around my old neighborhood. They liked it. I was happy. They met my old landlady and we spent entirely too much time at her house, but it’s a difficult place to leave, especially when food is stuffed in your face along with wedding books and a loud small woman.
On Saturday morning we hopped in a cab to Mumbai where there was a mini debacle with the hotel. They wanted my passport to register me so I could stay. The problem is that I never travel with my passport and it never occurred to me to take it. We met my friends who were kind of all over the place, had a small meal at my friend Nupur’s house and figured out that his mom’s mom was my mom’s age. I think that’s nuts; not bad, just crazy.
Sadly and kind of momentously we parted at the Taj Hotel where my parents went to lunch at one of their many fancy-dining areas. I came back home and into a whirlwind of work, work, and friends and work. In the midst I managed to loose my wallet. I got it back after cancelling everything, but the gesture of the man who gave it back was pretty amazing. He went to my old landlady’s house (who didn’t even have the courtesy to call me), one bank and then finally another one, who called me and asked if they could give him my phone number. I can’t believe someone went through such an effort to track me down. Some of my friends think that he might be the one who took all the money inside and then realized what a pain it is to get new papers like a license so he decided to return those things. I don’t care; it was still worth it. My American coins were still there for some mysterious reason. So strange!
Today also marked the departure of one of my favorite people in Pune. Our group of friends has shrunk a little bit this week; another friend left earlier last week.

If I don’t sleep now, I might just pass out while on the computer.

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