patchwork vacation post

If anyone ever needed an ego boost they should have been me going back to my old job. I was told that I should go on Friday. At around 3:30, I found myself back in Harlem at my old job. We decided to stop keeping track of the amounts of screams we heard as people saw me approach. It was amazing. I think the best was when I ran into one student who I had a lot of difficulty with (there were many of them, but this one, as they all are, was really important to me). The summer I was there, I worked with him a lot on his behavior, attitude, getting into a better school, etc. Anyway, someone brought him into the room I was in especially to point out that I was there. As he approached me I could tell that he was happy to see me, and the hug I got was a good indication. Everyone laughed at his face and said now they knew who to call when he started acting up. He was even blushing. It’s not cool to have a teacher who can get you to do good things and who you open up to. I’m so proud of being that teacher. He sat down and we spoke for a little bit before I was pulled away by some other kids and he ventured off to the gym to play basketball across the street. Later on as I was leaving I went to where he was playing to say goodbye. He said that he’d see me tomorrow. He’s coming to program regularly now, so he said that he’d be there every day. I told him (as I told a bunch of other kids) that I’m just visiting, I don’t work there anymore. He got upset and I had to promise that I’d try to come back and visit. I hope I can fulfill that promise. It was great to see the staff and other kids there too. A lot had changed, but a lot was the same.

I’m home for my brother-in-law’s birthday party. It’s nice to be around.

The party was nice, but I left early to walk in the cold streets of Brooklyn and reminisce.

I spent the entire next day with my sister and went to a capoeira roda. It was last week and I’m having a hard time remembering what exactly we did. It wasn’t anything too huge, but the general hanging and we let our mom in on the hang as well. It seemed regular, normal, like no time had passed, and we were just spending time together.
I’ve been out and about like I’m on vacation, which I am. Thing have settled down here really well already. It’s like I’m in an old routine. I’ve run errands, helped out a few things with my parents (at least I hope I have), made Swedish Christmas Cookies, other cookies (I’m taking advantage of having an oven), even made some pohe, spent time with my friends, I couldn’t be having a better time. I actually need to go to the DMV today to get my driver’s license renewed, which is not one of the more glamorous things on my list, but hey, it’s a part of being home.
Last night was a true New York moment. I was followed home kind of sort of. I was on the phone with my friend who was “walking” me home and we were finishing up our conversation. I miss doing little things like this. So as always, or as I always used to do, I paced outside my apartment walking half way down each side or edge of the block. There was some wet newspaper on the floor that this guy walked back and picked up. I even told my friend that I thought that was weird, but hey, maybe he dropped it or something. I went further down the block and saw the same guy just hanging out on the corner. Again, this is not something completely unusual. He started walking back and looking at me so I told my friend I need to get inside fast. I got inside the first set of double doors and the guy stared at me. I ran inside and he kept staring. I took the elevator to a different floor even before taking it to my floor. Not cool!

To end it on a cultural note, there are things I’ve noticed about being home. I have slipped out of the “Indian” hat I wear. I don’t head wobble; I’m a big head wobbler at home. I still get confused with light switches. I’m now finding myself beginning sentences with “in India…”

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