less cold in new york

Old habits die hard. I’m back and getting used to things already. I’ve been a social butterfly trying to see as many people as possible. Yesterday I had lunch with a very good friend of mine. It was great to see him. While waiting for him I made a few phone calls to another few people just to let them know I was back in town. I’m still super surprised that most folks haven’t deleted my phone number. I call expecting to do a big mystery phone call and they answer “Ana is that you?” It’s nice though in general to speak to long lost friends. The nicest thing is that for many folks it’s hard to keep up with through emails and facebook. But it’s a beautiful feeling when you can just meet up with them and things fall back into their places.
I met up with another really amazing friend last night before the two of us went to a capoeira class. I miss capoeira here. I miss the atmosphere, the training, the jokes, the nuttiness.
It’s still freezing. I’m wearing twice as many clothing as everyone else. My stomach is still not 100% but it’s much better than yesterday. My friend Niddhi said that I got used to the dirt in India. Maybe it’s true. The water is clean here, there’s no where in the country (at least to my knowledge) where it’s unsafe to drink from the tap, and New York City water tastes amazing!
The Rupee keeps falling. It’s really scary. When I left for India it was 45 Rupees per Dollar. Right now it’s 53. Last week it was 51. I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with this.
I’ve spent the past two days in New Jersey with my dad. I’m a bit on family overload but I think it’s a good thing. It’s hard being with anyone for a long time after such a long time of not being with them. It’s been fun though. My parents are in the process (as they have been for years) of selling the house in New Jersey. Every time I come up here I’m responsible for throwing away or reallocating stuff. It’s not fun. Everything seems to have some sort of sentimental value. I have a hard time throwing away books and clothes – not all books and clothes, but ones that are associated with special days, events, or activities, and book associated with school or just good ones. I did find some clothes that I kept here and am torn on taking them back there with me. It would be nice to have a bit of a new wardrobe but then I’d just have more clothes there. I don’t think I need anymore there. I’m super excited to sit down and listen to the records we have here. I’m a hippie music fan; we have it all here and it makes me happy. I also found some old CDs to put on my computer. My roommate and I both need some new music.
It has been fun to be here for a bit. As my dad said, it’s to get me to rest a little bit. My rebuttal is that I’m here for 3 weeks and want to see as many places and friends in New York as possible. I have so many friends, it’s a blessing, but it’s also made me realize which ones I need to call, who I need to see immediately, who I can wait to call, who I can just call, etc. My stomach still hasn’t adjusted. I find this so strange; my whole life I’ve been around this food, this water, and I go away for a year and my body rejects it.
Here comes the beginning of the hard part. My home is here. I know folks in India are reading this and freaking out. Folks at home have been freaking out for a while. Both have now become home and this is the hard part. I have no idea what to do; not that I have to do anything now; now I’m going back to Pune at least until September when my visa will officially expire and I have to come back here. Then is when I’ll have to make the decision. When I was in the airport in Zurich all I wanted to do was go back to India. It’s only been a few days and I’m not ready to leave here yet. I miss my friends in India so much right now. They’ve been the most amazing friends ever. Again, I’m just too lucky.

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