Day 1

I’m home. Well I’m in my US home. I miss India. I’m sure once I leave here I’ll be a mess on the other end. I’m passing out as I write this. My family made me take a shower and get ready for bed. It’s not even 8:00 but for me it feels like 7am.

Full Day 1:
I passed out last night so hard that my dad had to roll me over to put the covers on me. I didn’t wake up. I thought it would be kind of funny if I had a reverse stomach problem. The problem is that it’s not funny. Who knew that my own water/food/whatever would upset my stomach. I’ve been battling with that for a while. I slept for 13 hours (on and off); it felt amazing. It’s about 3:00 now and I’m fading.
Yesterday I met with one friend who happens to live in my parents’ new neighborhood. It was really nice to see her. Today I had lunch with another friend. That was also amazing. What’s been really cool is that most people haven’t deleted my phone number, so when I call I get a nice warm hello from them. It’s beyond a warm fuzzy feeling.
Some things are still tripping me up, I expect them to for at least a week; light switches are opposite (here to turn them on you flip up, there you flip down); cars are big, motorcycles are big and they’re on the wrong side of the street; it’s just freezing; the weirdest thing happened to me while on the subway today though. It almost feels like I’m back in my home and India was a passing dream. The subway always does this to me though, whenever I come back that’s where I feel normalized. I guess everything else changes a bit, but the subways are pretty much the same.
Tonight I’ll go to my first capoeira class. It’ll be good to do some training.

That’s it for now. Slow updates but steady.

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