1 week

This time next week I’ll be on my way home! I’ll amost be landing. It’s such a strange feeling. Some of the kids in my capoeira class will be going to their village before class on Wednesday. It’s weird thinking that I might not see them before I go. We changed that around because we decided we’re probably taking them to the fair that’s happening in our neighborhood tomorrow. Today we gave them a “talking to” in class. They come there and do maasti (naughty things) which is exactly what kids their age should do. I’ve written about this before. At a certain point I wanted to talk to them regarding this, so today was the day. I told them (through my friend) that they should do maasti but also take the class a little more seriously. I think it worked. Apparently there was a bit of a mishap in the community of boys. We went to solve that as well as to visit Avinash who was sick. He tends to be the boss of the group with Chapel. They’re the two oldest. Chapel and James Dean (we gave him that capoeira name) fought because James Dean doesn’t come to class only for fun, but takes a shirt like a beggar. In retaliation James Dean shoved his capoeira shirt in Chapels face saying that he should take it then. We went to fix this tonight. James Dean was working at the corner Chinese place. We sorted things out. They love us. Chapel gets upset when I hug him, but not really. Ishwar always holds my hand. They know we’re a family. They repeat it.
While we were walking to their houses, I was walking in front with them and the rest of the adults were walking behind us or took their vehicles to their houses. On one corner, a man said, “I like your character,” to me. Chapel, the oldest of the group asked what he said a few paces later. I translated as best I could and he asked why. I tried to explain that sometimes people say stupid things in the street, boys usually to girls. We discussed it for a few seconds and he said that it wasn’t right, that he wanted to beat him up. As much as I appreciated the gesture, of course I dissuaded him and went on about how people say bad things and we need to make sure that we are good people and set an example. I’m not sure all of it got through, but I think they got the idea. It was really sweet of them though.
Work has been super busy. It’s just that time of year. Things are just a bit nuts. I’m going to need to put in more than just a few hours. Going to the FRRO office over and over again doesn’t help either. I went twice today. I think by Wednesday everything should be fine. I think.

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