about a visa part 2?

Frustration venting. I called a half hour early, just to give a push maybe, just in high hopes maybe. The number didn’t work. I tried back again and it was a fax number. The numbers for the FRRO in Pune are almost impossible to find, but I found it on some getting to know Pune from some corporate foreign company that has a base office there. I got through and the man asked when I submitted my papers and when he heard August he said they should be ready. I told him my RP number and he said that they’re in Mumbai. How could they be in Mumbai if I saw them myself here in Delhi yesterday?!?! What is this? Then I told him that and he gave me someone else’s phone number who I should call in 15 minutes. I don’t get this at all!
I went back to the Ministry today as my coworker and lifesaver went to the FRRO office. I called 5 different numbers again just to save face if I walked in there and they would say that it’s done already. I saw the same guy who was rude to me yesterday. He shot darts at me through his eyes as he said that my papers were sent. I asked him how can I be sure and he asked for my reference number and then showed me the screen for .0000002 seconds, saying “see?” of course I didn’t see so I asked to see the screen again. He abruptly said no and then showed me a different screen. The only thing I could make out was that it said Pune on it. He said that it was sent this morning. My coworker, in the FRRO office in Pune said it would take at least till the afternoon to figure it out. He went back in the afternoon and they said to come back tomorrow at 10. When does it end?
I went to see a friend of mine in the meantime who was taking care of some familial business – her marriage – here in Delhi. I don’t want to be too invasive and blast out her information on line; it’s not fair. All I can say is that she is so strong and the epitome of a young generation Indian girl. She’s different than much of her family, she’s independent, she likes to go out and dance. She’s a good person but doesn’t exactly fit into the specified role of a “nice Indian girl.” She has unconventional friends, from America, Mosambique, all over India, Germany, etc. She’s proud of who she is; yet she’s still very much a traditionalist, and comes from a progressive traditional family. She’ll get married in February most likely. She seems surprisingly ok with everything that’s going on. It was good to be there with her today. Tomorrow I’m off to Chandi Chawk, and Hauz Khas, the artsy neighborhood in Delhi. We ate there for dinner tonight; I can’t wait to see it by day.
Some girls are obsessed with bags or shoes. I found my obsession. I love scarves and shawls. I went a bit overboard in the market today as well, but I think many of them will be given as gifts. One of them is amazing and warm and already a favorite.
I also got to spend more time with Ethel. She’s pretty amazing and I’m so happy to have remet and refriend such an awesome person.

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