just sad

Over Diwali break one of my students from a center passed away. Around fifteen days earlier a rock was placed in her ear; I’m unsure if she placed it there herself for fun or if someone else did it. Her father tried to remove it on his own; I’m also unsure if he actually removed it. She was in pain but didn’t tell anyone. At a party a friend’s parent brought her home saying that she didn’t eat anything and was in pain. Someone bumped her head and she then was in a lot of pain. Her parents brought her to the hospital and she went unconscious and she passed away. I can’t get over how avoidable this death was. How easily it could have been taken care of. I found out on Monday. Our kids don’t tell their parents when they’re sick. Why? For some of them, they think their parents have enough problems, why complicate their lives further? Others are quiet and shy. Others might get hit. Many of our kids do have good relationships with their parents, this would not happen in all instances. I just can’t wrap my head around it. It was a big blow to come back to.

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