From Hampi to Mysore

I write this while killing time in Hospet. The following post will probably be the one I tried to send out from Manoj’s computer but couldn’t because the connection was so so so slow. I’m sorry to go out of order.

The vacation was much needed. Today, we basically just went around and about visiting more random temples on our rented bicycles. We waved to people who we recognize including fellow tourists. We met a guy from Banglore who was traveling alone and was done and wanted to get back. We ate the best cashew nut curry. We went back to the famous Mango Tree for breakfast. We should have just gone once though. The thali was great, the breakfast was not.

There were so many things I wanted to write about but can’t really remember what they are at the moment, it always happens when free time happens. It was just so nice to be in a quiet space, to be away from honking, pollution in your face at every moment, to be on vacation! It was a whole other level of confusion because everyone spoke Kanada and both Manoj and I were completely lost. The script is different. It sounds completely different. When people switch between Hindi and Marathi you can’t tell too much, although they are two distinct languages. Kanada sounds completely different. It’s also nice to see a different part of India. Here the southern hospitality is amazing. Manoj says that it’s mostly in the middle where people are rude. It’s not that they’re rude, but they’re “city.” It happens. I got to impress people with my Hindi. Manoj is great at helping me out. I got to read signs today (although sometimes I didn’t know what they were saying) in Hindi. I think I’m finally getting the script. I also learned about Vishnu, the preserver. Krishnu is a reincarnation of him.

In Mysore I’m staying with my friend Sharath and his family. Sharath lives in Bombay, I know him through capoeira. A couple of us were going to go to his house for Diwali but they bailed, so instead of bailing I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity of staying with a family and enjoying a city that might not be the most visited of Indian cities but has quite a few attractions including a palace that lights up at night. It’s supposed to be beautiful.

I think I’ll stop staring at a computer screen, get some more amazing coffee from the same place we got it from, and sit and enjoy my book from the bus station office. Vacation is never overrated!

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