The New Place

I’m sitting on the floor as to not obstruct the sounds of our soundtrack for ths moment. We’re listening to the Amelei soundtrack. It’s one of my favorites. I’m at peace and thought it would be a nice time to write about my peace. This morning, on Dasera, a holiday that happens to fall on a Thursday. I woke up, did some cleaning and took a walk with my roommate to get plants. Our balconies have a gate that stretch out a bit and we bought six plants, three of them have flowers, one is aloe, one is a normal plant that just looks pretty. We also got some clay pots to put them in; it kind of completes our house in a new way. We had to clean everything after we hired an exterminator. We had a bit of a roach problem and thought we’d take care of any other bugs we might have at the same time. Settling in has happened very fast; it’s really nice.
Last night I went to my boss’ house for a Dasera celebration. On the way, I stopped at my old home. I had a nostalgia for my old neighborhood, but after spending enough time with my landlady (it was really nice to see her) I was happy to go and know I had my home to go home to. The Dasera festival dinner was nice but far, the food was amazing. My boss’ daughter is an amazing kid. We spoke about interests in the green movement, about being a bit tomboyish, and making fun of her mom a bit. She presented me with a book she got printed of her poetry. It’s pretty amazing. She’ll find my blog and read it. I’m excited to read hers as well. When I finally got home, I was able to sit with my roommate and our friend with a glass of wine. Our neighbors, who are quite talkative, were home, and because our sink clogged for some strange reason, we asked them to see if they could help. They ended up staying and drinking their hard drinks the husband and nephew, for two hours. It was a lot for us.
After the peacefulness, or rather during it, today, we painted little bowls and decorated glasses with glass paint, and went to the park for some capoeira. There were many people there today, mostly new, and I felt slightly overwhelmed but the overwhelming feeling was averted because of the dog we picked up on the street. His first name was Oscar but it has been changed to Caxixi (a part of the instrument for capoeira). He’s the cutest dog. He was walking along the street and I pointed out how cute he was. When I went to pet him he was quite friendly. Manoj and Kritika thought so too so we picked him up and took him with us to the park. The kids who play with us took care of him for most of the time and when it started to rain, he went in our friend’s car, to our other friend’s house where he was put in a box with a towel and a bowl of milk and passed out for some time. He did wake up to pee, for which he got out of the box, went to the terrace and peed, came back in and wandered around fro a little. We put him back in the box and he slept again. In capoeira class he removed himself from the general area of people to pee there. He’s got some bugs and fleas, but we kept him in the box and Manoj is taking him to the vet tomorrow.
Caxixi is flea free and got medicine for the worms. He cries little whines but is quite playful. He’s already stolen both of my slippers but that’s ok. We’ll take him to get vaccinated on Monday. We’re having back and forth conversations on whether or not we should keep him. We’ll have to decide soon because we don’t want him to become helpless on the streets. We’re considering on seeing if someone else wants him. We already have someone in mind. The idea of a dog is nice but the logistics of taking care of him might be tough.
Back to being in India – this time of year is full of festivals which means that there are large speakers that fill the street with music, crackers (mini firecrackers) and dancing in the street. I now live in a neighborhood where streets are blocked from these mini parties. As a female, I wouldn’t want to walk by them on my own. I’m usually with friends though which makes things easier. Tonight we’ll have a nice night in with some friends and finally relaxing. That is relaxing if we don’t get awaken by fireworks, a crying dog, the neighbors, or any other surprises.

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