New Flat

There have been a whirlwind amount of events in my life the past week or so. Some of which are a little too personal to touch on here, others, like moving in to my new flat, are just some fun incidences that I would love to share. Manoj and I found a flat a few weeks ago; we loved it, we took it. We had to do several steps in order to secure the apartment.
Our broker is awesome. His name is Vikas and he’s just super laid back. Unlike my first broker who drove a fancy car and tried to impress me every other second, Vikas drives a motorcycle which he doesn’t really drive over 30kph. He takes his time getting places, and verbally said he doesn’t like doing too many things at once. His phone rings often and he’ll remember to call back only the first five people if he misses many calls. We met our new landlords (husband and wife who were moving out of our flat) several times. They were moving to a fancy building closer to one of their children. We met them last week at the registration office in order to officially sign our lease as well as put in our fingerprints in the system. Since there was a plethora of waiting time, the wife had a long girl talk with me, telling me where to get vegetables, eggs, random food items. She told me about different vegetables and what I should make. While we were in the house one day she also told me about the kitchen and if we wanted to keep the maid what I should do about that too. As of now we’re opting to do the housework on our own. Anyway, we were at the registration office and the husband took Manoj aside to give him the instructions on the fridge, washing machine, and the gas. Vikas and the lawyer blamed each other openly for doing things wrong. That part was hysterical. The lawyer says that Vikas has some screws loose, Vikas calls the lawyer stupid. Manoj and I are somewhere in the middle kind of laughing at the two of them.
We had to sign a few papers. One of them was in Marathi. Manoj doesn’t speak Marathi either so that’s probably not a good sign. We also found out that day that they were leaving the gas for us. Our burners (and most burners in India) are hooked up to gas cylinders). I had a single burner for this entire time, now a double burner. Registering for gas is also a pain in the butt, so they made our lives so much easier.
On Saturday after work, I had two friends with two cars pick me up from home and drive my stuff to my new house. More of our friends came over to help us put stuff away, clean up, and bless the place with some food and drinks. We found out that we had a nasty insect problem (roaches) and are happy to get the place exterminated this week. It was great to have so many people over. It’s great to have a bedroom and a real kitchen. Manoj opted for the room in the back, so I got a balcony all to myself (and the laundry that will dry on it). Our landlords had decorated the two balconies with different plants. I plan to do the same. I’m really excited about that.
This weekend was also a part of Dandiya , a party like festival where you dance around in a circle with sticks (or without). It’s within a bigger nine day festival called Navratri. We went to a party last night. It was hot and humid but so much fun.
We also have our first guests, which is a little overwhelming. Our friends from Mumbai came by to spend the weekend with us. They’ll leave early tomorrow morning. Wednesday I’m going to my boss’ house for a ceremony associated with Navratri. There’s more to tell but I want to post this and it’s late and again tomorrow is a long day.

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