a dr. visit

I think I’m a little more than shocked at the way Dr. offices are run here. I’m pretty sure my mom would cringe if she ever had to go to the Dr. here. Last time when I was sick I was slightly concerned at the way hospitals are run. I sat in the same room with another person, a curtain was pulled over my section of the room (not even completely) and a nurse poked my stomach a few times asked a few questions and sent me away with 3 prescriptions. I took my chance with a regular doctor this time. I’ve been freaking out because I’ve lost my sense of smell; it’s so bad that I stuck a strong alcohol underneath my nose, a smell that makes others make funny faces because it’s so strong, and I could smell nothing. Needless to say I’m a little worried.
I became frustrated this morning at the office when one of the tutors told me that I should steam and I’ll be fine, then I told him that’s not working and he said, ok I’ll give you a tablet and it’ll clear me all up. He didn’t understand that I was getting upset and when I said that I had steamed, I’ve done a bunch of things including resting, using, what they call here, an inhaler, which is our nose spray, etc. So this tablet he wanted to give me was a halls medicine. I said, no, I’m going to the doctor. He said but we should eat lunch now. He just didn’t get it and was almost laughing at my feeling sick. My landlady does the same thing sometimes. Everyone has the answer to your sickness or problem. Just do this they say. Everyone knows the answer and whatever you do is wrong. I don’t get it. Sorry, I’m speaking out of frustration and the fact that I still can’t smell. This worries me. A lot.
I still haven’t spoken about the Dr’s office. It’s like a roadside storefront. You take a number and wait your turn. Luckily someone else from my office had to go to the Dr. as well so I went with her to her doctor. We took a number and went to her house for some chai We went back to the office and when our number came up she also came into the room with me. The dr. asked me a few basic questions around what’s been wrong, looked into my nose, ears and throat with a flashlight and said that my viral infection turned bacterial so that’s why I can’t smell. He then prescribed two drugs; one is a glorified version of Alka-Seltzer with ibuprofen and an antibiotic. Because I’m skeptical of different doctors and treatments, I emailed my ENT from New York. Apparently the treatment for a bad sinus infection in the US is 3 weeks. Here I’m taking drugs for 3 days, which is the standard treatment. Do we over medicate in the US? Are the drugs that much stronger here? As of now, I can smell a little bit. My stomach isn’t the happiest in the world, but I’m just thankful I’m getting my smellers back.

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