something almost new

I’m moving in 2 weeks. I’m very excited about it. Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I can’t stop talking about it. A friend of mine wants to move out of his parents’ house. He mentioned it to me and I said that my lease is up and I’d be willing to think about moving. He looked at a few places, showed me one that he liked, and it’s awesome. It has two bedrooms, one with a terrace, a nice living room, and a real kitchen. The bathroom and bathroom are separate, which is different, and for two people, I think, is quite convenient. The living room also has a terrace. We went yesterday to give a token, the first month’s rent. The couple that lives there are moving to a different neighborhood so they can be by one of their sons. They’re a really sweet old couple. We learned they’re from Bombay and miss the hustle and bustle, but since they’ve retired, Pune is the place to be. They were super sweet. Since they’re the owners, it’s nice to know who they are, who we’ll have to deal with. I forgot the amenities of the apartment – we get all furniture including a couch, chairs tables, cupboards, some dishes, a refrigerator and, and, and, a washing machine! The washing machine is what did it for both of us. I still haven’t told my landlady. I’m very nervous about doing that. I have enough time to tell her today. Last time I attempted to move out she lowered my rent by Rs2000 and moved me into a nicer room. This time I’m not backing down though. The increase in rent I’ll pay will be worth it. The new place is in Koregon Park. For one I’m not so happy about moving there because it’s foreigner central, but we’re a little off the beaten path in KP so it’s ok. The best thing is that it’s very close to where I have my class, I’ll be able to sleep earlier, save so, so, so much time and money on traveling, and it’s closer to a few centers I have to go to for work, which will also save me for time and traveling. The added independence will be really nice too. My friends from Mumbai can come over without getting 20 questions from my landlady; friends can come over in general because it’s finally close enough to their houses that they don’t have to travel so far. That’s also really nice, it’s much closer to many of my friends’ houses. Ok I’ll stop now. This is what I mean when I say I can’t stop talking about it.
Yesterday I went to a few places. I got to share my knowledge of a South Indian breakfast place with a South Indian friend. She loved it. Afterwards we went to the Shivaji market, which is an open food market. It kind of reminded me a little of the market in Guatemala except smaller. We had to walk in at the meat section. You see chickens in cages waiting to be slaughtered; at least you know it’s fresh. There are also the hanging dead ones in front of you too. We both wondered who would eat at the eatery right in front of that. It smelled of dead animal and stale vegetables. The vegetable market was great. I found two things I was looking for; bok choi and zucchini. Two weeks ago in Bombay I got really jealous when I saw a vegetable stand there because they had so many different kinds of vegetables including zucchini and bok choi that I’ve not seen in Pune. Kritika made sure I found them here. It was awesome.
We also had our first out of class capoeira roda. It was at a bar/restaurant/venue that a student works at. It was really nice. Everyone’s doing such a good job. We all went here and there afterwards and stayed out late.
Today I had a lazy Sunday, the first in a really, really long time. I slept, took a walk, went to Crosswords, the Indian Barnes and Noble, spoke to a few friends, cooked my bok choi and zucchini, read, and bummed around. I’ll go to the salsa night in a while. Crosswords, in general, is a decent bookstore. It’s nothing compared to Barnes and Noble, no where near half as big or with half the selection, but there are books. The other big bookstore is Landmark. I managed to get through the mess of a bookstore and buy a book by a Nigerian author. I’m excited to read something different, something new. The bookstore I was in doesn’t provide many options. It’s a big mess, books are just in piles everywhere. It’s interesting to pile through.
I told my landlady and her son. First, before I left for the evening, I told her son. He seemed ok with it and accepted it. When I came back, she said he told her. I told her the reasons why, it’s far from class, from where I go to be with friends, from two of my centers for work. She said, that’s why I have a bike. She’s insisting that it’s a nice house and I should stay. I’ll definitely come and visit.

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